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Why is HP Sprocket not Printing?

The print job does not print after sending a print job to your Sprocket sometimes. If this is the situation, then make sure the Sprocket firmware is up-to-date, the Sprocket is charged, and connected to your mobile device over a Bluetooth connection. If the HP Sprocket is not printing properly, make use of the instructions provided below to fix the Why is HP Sprocket not Printing issue.

Why is HP Sprocket not Printing

Quick Steps for Not Printing

  1.   Power ON the Sprocket printer and check the battery status.
  2.   Open the Sprocket app and “click” the Menu icon and choose the Sprocket option.
  3.   Tap Manage Printers. Make sure your Sprocket is selected.
  4.   Then tap Printer Settings.
  5.   “Search” for the Battery in the Status section.
  6.   Continue with the steps below if the battery charge is 20% or higher.
  7.   Power up the battery “for 30 minutes” if the battery charge is 19% or lower, and then proceed with these steps.
  8.   “Tap” Auto Off and check if the issue is resolved after turning on the printer.

Why is HP Sprocket not Printing?

  •   The Sprocket might not perform the printing operation sometimes. Try these solutions provided here to troubleshoot the problem.
  •   The battery may require charging or the Sprocket might have turned off. Verify the Sprocket is adequately charged using the HP Sprocket app. Check if the photo paper is present in the input tray of the Sprocket.
  •   Remove the paper cover after turning off the Sprocket. Make sure to load Sprocket Photo Paper with the HP logos facing down. Turn on the Sprocket after replacing the paper cover. Proceed to the next solution if the problem is persisting.
  •   Check whether the Bluetooth is turned on and paired with your Sprocket on your mobile device. Turn on the Sprocket and locate the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device. It will be available in the wireless connection settings of your mobile device. Check if the Sprocket is paired or not.
  •   If the printer does not appear in both paired list and available devices list, then move the Sprocket printer and your mobile device closer together. Tap Search or Scan and select the printer name when it displays.
  •   Launch HP sprocket on your mobile device. Click the Menu icon, choose the sprocket option, and then click the Manage Printers button.
  •   Check if the list of available Sprockets displays. The printer is connected if your Sprocket displays. Tap Add New Printer if your Sprocket does not display, and then tap your printer.
  •   If the problem did not resolve with the above steps, then reset the Sprocket and the mobile device.
  •   Power off your mobile device, and then switch it back on. Turn on the Sprocket and locate the Reset button. Insert a non-bended pin into the access point next to the input tray after you remove the paper cover.
  •   Press the Reset button for 3 seconds. The Sprocket turns off after it is reset. Switch on the Sprocket and check Why is hp sprocket not printing issue is resolved.

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