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Privacy Policy

We give prime importance to data integrity and security, as on this, lies the foundation of a trustworthy relationship between our company and customers. Our privacy policies aim at securing the personal data and digital privacy of customers, complying with the GDPR policy. Understanding the significance of data security and your concerns over it, we have come up with rules to protect your information both online and offline. We do not compromise on a customer’s safety and strictly abide with the legal stipulations while processing your data. The servers or computers in which we store your information are kept in a riskless environment. We only provide services upon subscription and don’t bother you with any promotional emails. We do use cookies to manage your visits and make the site easily accessible. is a reliable third-party website that can be easily accessible by anyone. This site provides simple instructions for the printer setup, installation and resolving printer issues. No information or any activity that happens through this website is related to HP. The pictorial representations and context in this website are only for the purpose of reference. Please have a look at the Website Privacy Policy before surfing through our site. printer guide