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HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Printer Support

123 HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Setup


To perform all the tasks on the printer you have to download the printer driver on your computer. You can get the recent version driver for your HP Pagewide Pro 477dw printer from our website. For downloading and installing the best printer driver, click the provided link on the page.


First, you need to download and install the best printer software. Only if you install the HP Pagewide Pro 477dw software on your computer, you can do all the tasks using your printer. You can get the latest software for your HP printer from our website. Click the link to download the software.


The HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Manual. comprises of all the basic instructions on setting up your printer. It also includes the complete instructions related to your printer. It provides some easy tips on handling the printer efficiently. Click the link and download the updated manual for your printer from our website.

HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Setup First-Time Installation

The complete printer setup procedure is elaborated below in simple steps. Follow the instructions that are given below to set the control panel preferences, load the paper into paper tray and install the ink cartridges.

Steps for HP 477dw First-Time Installation:

  • Place the HP Pagewide Pro 477dw printer on the flat surface, after taking out the printer carefully. You have to completely remove the stickers, tapes and all the packing materials that are attached to the outside and the inside of your printer.
  • All the packing materials, stickers and the tapes removed from your printer can be discarded. Make sure that you have to connected one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end of the power cord to the wall outlet.
  • Press the power button to turn on the printer, after connecting the power cord., You can set your preferences on your printer’s control panel display when the printer is turned on. On the control panel screen, select your language, and the date&time.
  • On your printer’s control panel display, after setting your desired preferences select the Yes button to confirm your choice. You have to pull out the input tray and then fill the paper tray with sufficient amount paper.
  • Load the paper in portrait orientation with the print side facing down by sliding out the paper guides as far as possible, and then slide them until the paper guides touch the edge of the stack of paper.
  • Insert the input tray into the printer after making sure the stack of paper does not exceed the paper fill guide. Open the ink cartridge access door to install the ink cartridges for your printer, once the paper loading is done.
  • The carriage moves to the center when you open the ink cartridge access door. Wait for the carriage to remain silent after you take out the ink cartridges that shipped with your printer, and then insert them into their correct slot.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door after installing the ink cartridges correctly in their slot. The printer prints an alignment page after starting an initialization process.
  • To complete the entire printer setup you have to install the printer driver and software.

HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Driver Installation Support

The complete installation procedure for the HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Printer is described below in detailed steps. Follow the step by step instructions that are given below and complete the driver installation for your printer.

  • You have to click the link which is available on the displayed page to download the driver for your Pagewide Pro 477dw printer. The driver download page gets open.Enter your printer model name on this page, and then choose the latest version printer driver.
  • Then click the Download button and the driver starts downloading on your computer.
  • On your computer, the HP Easy Start may download.The on-screen instructions which appear should be followed.
  • Select the format as .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac to save the file.Double-click the driver file to open the file to start the installation setup, after the driver gets downloaded.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation setup, when the driver installation begins.
  • Select your connection type if the installer prompts you to choose the connection during the driver installation process. Then finish the entire driver installation by continuing with the remaining steps.

HP Pagewide Pro MFP 477dw Fax Setup:

Faxing is the process of scanning the document using a fax machine or fax capable printer and then sending that scanned document to another fax-capable device using the telephone landline connection.Then you have to print the received scanned document from the fax capable device, after sending and receiving the fax.

HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Setup Connection Support

HP 477dw Wireless Connection

  • Ensure your computer is connected to your wireless network and gather the network name and the password, before setting up the printer on a wireless connection.Make sure that there is no USB cable connected to the printer and the computer, after turning on your printer, router, and the computer.
  • After ensuring the printer and the computer are connected to the same wireless network, you should place the printer close to the computer during the setup procedure.
  • Using the Wireless Setup Wizard feature connect your printer to the wireless network. For that, first, click the Right arrow on the control panel display.
  • You need to choose the Setup icon, choose the Network button, choose the Wireless Setup Wizard button, and then choose the Continue button.
  • From the displayed network list, you should choose your network name and then choose Ok. In the absence of your network name, proceed to next step.
  • If you couldn’t find your network name, click Enter New Network Name and then type your network name by doing the on-screen prompts.
  • If prompted during the process, enter the network password (WEP or the WPA key), and finally install the printer driver to complete the wireless network connection.

HP 477dw USB Connection

  • After turning on the printer, ensure the printer is in the ready state, and that the printer and the computer are not connected with the USB cable.
  • Get a USB cable, then search the windows for Devices and click the Devices and Printers on the results page which is opened.
  • Right-click your printer model icon and then click the Remove device option and remove all the multiple existing icons of your Pagewide Pro 477dw printer.
  • Once the existing icons are removed, close the Devices and Printers window. To download and install the driver, enter your printer model on our website.
  • After selecting your desired printer driver click the Download button, and the HP Easy Start downloads on your computer based on your printer type.
  • When the HP Easy Start or the driver downloads, follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen to open the downloaded file on your computer.
  • After you click the downloaded file, the driver installation process begins and prompts to choose your connection type. Select the connection type and continue to next step.
  • Continue with the remaining instructions that appear on the screen.After doing all the on-screen prompts, the USB connection setup gets complete for your printer.

How to Print from Windows 10 Devices?

  • Make sure the printer and your Windows 10 Mobile device are connected to the same wireless or wired (Ethernet) network with an active Internet connection.
  • In case, you have connected your printer to a wired (Ethernet) connection, then check the cable and the lights on the printer’s Ethernet port.
  • Also, remember that when you connect the Ethernet cable to your printer the orange activity light should blink, and the green link light should be steady.
  • If your HP Pagewide Pro 477dw printer is connected with a wireless connection, then make sure that you have turned on the wireless feature.
  • Confirm that the computer and the printer are connected to the same network. There may be a blue light and a wireless icon on some printers.
  • Confirm that the light is turned on and is not blinking, then open the Wi-Fi settings on your Mobile device and ensure you are connected to your network.
  • To print the item that you need, you have to open the app that has the item and then you have to choose the Print option.
  • Click your printer, then change the required print settings, on the print preview screen click the Print button and the required document gets printed.

HP 477dw Duplex Printing Support

Duplex Printing on Windows

  • After pulling the input tray outwards place the adequate amount of plain paper into it. You have to push the paper tray inwards after loading the paper.
  • You have to click the File option and then click the Print option on the document which you need to print, after opening it.
  • You have to select your printer name. Then based on whatever option gets displays on the screen, select Printer Properties, Preferences, or the Printer Setup option.
  • The Printing Preferences or Document Properties window appears and if the Printing shortcuts tab is there, then click the Print on Both Sides option.
  • If you are not able to find the Printing Shortcut tab or a duplexing shortcut tab, then click the Layout, Features, or the Finishing tab.
  • Search for the Print on both sides option, and then based on how you need the document, you have to select the binding or page flip option.
  • After selecting the document style, click the Ok option and then click the Print option. Reload the printed page into the input tray.
  • Click the Continue option after reloading the page.

Duplex Printing on Mac

  • Place sufficient amount of paper into the input tray after opening it, to finish the entire print job. To print the document click File -> Print.
  • You have to search for a Two-Sided selection box, after clicking the Show Details option, and if the Two-Sided option is available click the checkbox.
  • Click the Layout option and then you have to click the long or short-edge binding from the Two-sided pop-up menu. Select the Print button.
  • The page gets printed and you can skip the steps below. In the absence of the Two-Sided option, manually print on both sides of the page.
  • On the unnamed menu you need to click the Paper Handling button, and then you need to click Odd Only on the Pages to Print menu.
  • You need to click the Automatic button from the page ordering menu if your printer has Rear loading paper tray.
  • If your printer has a front-loading paper tray click the Reverse button. Click Print, then remove the printed page and reload it into the input tray.
  • Return to the print menu. From Pages to print click Even Only, from Page order click Automatic or Reverse and then tap the Print button.

How to Print Photos from Mobile Devices?

HP pro 477dw mobile printing
  • To print the photos from your mobile device, you should open the app where the photo is there and then click the Share or Action button.
  • The option may change based on each mobile device. You have to open the email app and then you need to enter your printer’s email address.
  • You have to type the email subject line. Click the Send button. When the email is sent, you can open the email and print.
  • Open the email which is sent and click Forward. In the To: field, enter your printer’s email address and then type your email subject line.
  • Click the Send option and now you can print the document which is sent. To print a web page, save the web page as document and email it.


If you need to print anything such as documents, photos or web pages from your mobile device and computer or Chromebook, you can make use of the HP ePrint feature. Using eprint feature, you can easily print the document by simply emailing the document or the photo directly to your printer.


If you need to print the documents and the photos from any network-connected device to your printer, then you can use the it feature to print them easily and securely. To print with Google Cloud Print feature, from a mobile device or computer you have to set up your printer with Google Cloud Print.


Printing the documents and the photos is very easy from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to your HP printer through a wireless network using the AirPrint feature. You have to make sure that your printer supports AirPrint and that your Apple iOS device and your printer are on the same local network.

HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Troubleshooting Guidance

How to make a Printer Online?

  • If the printer goes offline message displays on the screen, check the connection between the computer and the printer.
  • To clear the issue, reset your printer. For that, you have to disconnect the power cord from the printer and the wall outlet.
  • After some time, you have to connect the power cord back to the printer.
  • The wall outlet and then check if the issue is resolved.If the error is uncleared then check the printer’s list and remove all the existing multiple devices from it.
  • Also, try to remove the printer queue from the list of printers and then add it back again and check if the issue is cleared.
  • If still the error persists on the screen, then try to service your printer.

How to fix Print Job Stuck in Queue?

  • When you are printing the documents, if the print job stucks in the print queue, reset your printing environment and delete these print job files manually.
  • Restart both the printer and the computer and then check if the issue is resolved. If the issue is still there, then use the HP Print and Scan doctor tool to resolve the issue.If the error is not cleared yet, then try to reset the printing software system files.
  • You have to uninstall your printer software to reset the printing software system files. Then you need to install the updated printer driver again.
  • Once you have reinstalled the updated printer driver, check if the issue is resolved.If the problem is still there, then temporarily disable the firewall software. Then check if the error got cleared.

How to Resolve Paper Jam Issue?

  • If the paper jam occurs while printing the documents and the HP Pagewide Pro 477dw printer stops printing.
  • Then remove all the media from the output tray to resolve the issue.
  • Check the duplexer to find if there are any jammed media inside it.
  • If you have found any jammed paper means clear it or else continue to next step.
  • If the error is not cleared yet, then open the top cover.
  • Check if there is any debris accumulated there and remove it.
  • Open the input tray and then check if there are any jammed media inside and remove it. Then check if the problem is cleared.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and then check if there are any jammed media inside it. If there then clear it completely.
123 HP Pagewide 477dw paper jam
  • When the jam is completely cleared, you can close all the covers and resend the print job. printer guide