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HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup AiO Support

HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup


The driver is configured to use the HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer to its best. It is always good to use the driver by downloading it from the website or using the install CD. You have to check if the driver you have chosen is the latest & sets the OS of the computer to which you have connected the printer.


A correct and latest software is to be installed on the computer to which the printer is connected. Before you install the software, you have to check its compatibility with the computer’s os and the version. It is always good to update the software if the manufacturer releases an update.


A user guide for a printer is a manual that contains all the necessary information like printer accessories, warranty, installation steps, troubleshooting techniques, tips, and more. These guidelines would be useful provided it is easily designed and understood by novice users.

HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup First-Time Installation

This section has a set of instructions you have to perform after getting your HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer. This includes the unpacking steps, ink cartridge installation, assembling all hardware, installing the software and driver.

HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup Unboxing & Setting Up

  • Here is the detailed instructions for setting up your HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup Printer. Read the instructions and do them to start working on with your printer. Once the printer is arrived, check the materials that come with your printer.
  • Eliminate the plastic tapes and packing materials wrapped around the printer. Lower the output tray and reach inside the printer and then ink cartridge access door. After removing all the plastic materials inside the printer, close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Take out the power cord that is provided by the manufacturer at the time of shipment. Connect its one end to the printer’s end and another to the power supply. Subsequently, power on the printer by pushing the power icon.
  • To install the ink cartridge, hold the handle and lower the ink cartridge access door to unlock it. Hold on until carriage moves and rests in a place. After unpacking the ink cartridge place it in the provided slot.
  • Check if it is seated properly in slot. If not, the HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer fails to recognize the ink cartridge which in turn leads to ink cartridge issue in the later period. Use the same procedure to install all the cartridges.
  • Check the compatible paper size and paper type. Now place enough amount of paper in the loading tray. Tap on the entire stack to make it flat on the surface. Subsequently, lower the output tray and drag out the output tray extender.
  • After placing paper in the tray, follow the prompts to align the ink cartridges. This is done in order to get good results from your printer. The printer starts printing the alignment page after feeding paper.
  • Now open the scanner lid, keep the alignment page on the scanner glass with the printed side facing down, and close. Click Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color. Hold on until the printer aligns the ink cartridge. Once it is over, install the software and start working with your printer.

HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup Driver Installation

We are the information providers.The guidelines regarding the HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup driver installation given by us would help you know about the importance and method to install the driver.

  • When it comes to the driver installation, you have to get the latest driver installed on the Windows computer to get results out of your printer. Check the instructions provided below and do the necessaries.
  • You can go on with the installation process using an installation CD, if you have the one. If not, you have a secondary choice of getting it installed on your Windows computer by downloading it from the website.
  • By setting you Windows to update automatically, you can know the periodical available updates of the driver.
  • To do this, go to Windows and search for the change device installation option. Click on it and followed by the Yes option. Tap on Save Changes.Choose a connection type among the compatible types offered for your printer. It can be either USB, Wireless, or Wired.
  • Whatever the connection type is, the good and uninterrupted signal strength is required.Once the connection is made, install the printer driver with the Add a printer wizard. The instructions for various computer operating system and the connection method differs.

How to Send Fax?

You can send documents from a fax capable printer to another fax machine. You need a telephone line to send and receive fax. It is considered to be one of the secured ways of sending and receiving data. Check the detailed instruction on how to setup, send , and receive fax.

HP LJPro M126nw Setup Connection Support

HP LJPRO M126nw Wireless Connection

  • To HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup the printer over a wireless network, you need to know the network name and password. Before establishing the connection, you should install the correct printer driver and software on the computer to which the printer is connected.
  • After you power on the printer, you have to restore the wireless default settings on the printer. Check if the wireless light on the router is blinking.
  • If the wireless icon is not blinking, press and hold the power icon, click on Start Copy Black icon twice and then click Cancel icon thrice.
  • Subsequently, release the button. By doing this, the wireless icon should blink now even it did not before.
  • If you go on with the WPS PIN mode, you should key in the wireless network name and password, when instructed. The default network name and password is generally provided by your ISP.
  • If the default name and password are not found, contact the ISP and get yours. You can also change the name and password liable to your wish.

HP LJPRO M126nw USB Connection

  • Customize your HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer for a USB cable connection to the computer to which the printer is connected. Make sure that you have installed the full featured driver.
  • To establish the USB connection, you should need a USB cable that is less than 3 m of length. Make sure that your printer is on and in ready state.
  • Always connect the printer to the available port on your computer and not using a docking station. This is done in order to avoid insufficient power input.
  • Before you establish the connection, no devices should exist in the list of installed programs.
  • To check this, go to the Devices and Printers option and then right- click on your printer model number.
  • Tap on Remove device and make sure that you have excluded all the devices exist for the printer and then close the Devices and Printers window.
  • Now install the driver and setup the connection. If your printer is compatible with HP Easy Start, you can get it installed easily. Do remember that you have to set the connection type as USB when prompted.

How to Print from Windows 10 Devices?

  • Now- a- days raise in the technology lets you print directly from your smartphones or tablets. To do this, the smartphone or tablets you are using should have a recent Android operating system.
  • You have to enable the HP Print Service Plugin from your Android devices to your HP Printer over a Wi- Fi network or by means of the Wi- Fi Direct connection.
  • To install the HP Print Service Plugin, go to Play Store and follow the prompts. Your Android devices and the printer should be connected to the same network.
  • If this is the first time you are installing the plugin, swipe it down, and click on the HP Inc service installed option.
  • It down, and click on the HP Inc service installed option. If you are just updating the plugin, click on the Settings option and then click on More Network option followed by Print.
  • Click on HP Inc service installed and click on On. You can also disable other plugins if you want. Pick out a document, photo, or webspage of your choice.
  • Tap on Print, and tap the down arrow which is present next to the select a printer option and then click on your printer name. Click on the down arrow to change any print settings and then tap on Print icon.
  • We welcome queries. Our professionals would help you out with a lively assistance. To avail it, call us on the toll- free number.

HP LJPro M126nw Duplex Printing Support

Duplex Printing on Windows

  • The instruction in this section is for users who want their HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer to print on both the sides. To do this, a little alteration in the settings is quite enough.
  • It is advisable to feed enough amount of paper in the input tray pf the printer to avoid the page ordering issues in later times. Access the document that you would like to print and click on Print.
  • Pick out the printer name from the list and followed by the Printer Properties option. The option might differ based on the printer model.
  • If you have a Printing shortcuts tab, you can click on the Print on Both sides or Two- sided option.
  • If not, click on the Layout option or tap on Finishing tab based on the options you see on your windows.
  • Search for the Print on Both sides option followed by choosing the binding or page flip option liable to how you want the print out to be look like.
  • Tap on Print and take out the printed page from the output tray and then tap the stack in order to make it flat on the surface.
  • Place it into the main tray of the printer. The way you handle to place the paper depends on the loading tray of the printer.
  • The printed side should be kept down if the printer you are using has rear loading input tray and place the bottom edge into the printer.
  • The printed side should be kept facing up or down with the bottom edge into the printer or the top edge into the printer.
  • Subsequently, click on Continue and get the second side of the paper printed.

Duplex Printing on Mac

  • To print on both sides of paper using the printer that is connected to the Mac computer, use the successive steps. You have to do certain modifications to the settings if you want your HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer to print on both sides.
  • After you place enough amount of paper in the loading tray of the printer, choose a document that you would like to print. Click on File and then choose the Print option.
  • Tap on Show details option, if needed. Subsequently, search for the two- sided selection box. If this option is present, your printer is capable of printing on both sides automatically. Choose the Layout option and then click on Print.
  • If the option is not available, the printer you are using does not support automatic duplexing and you have to flip and keep the paper manually.
  • Check what type of loading tray does your printer has. This is important as it is the major factor as how you place the paper in the loading tray of the printer.
  • Choose the Paper Handling option listed in the unnamed menu and then tap on Odd Only from the Pages to Print section. Choose the option based on the loading tray type.
  • If it is a rear loading type, choose the Automatic option. Go on with the Reverse option, if your printer has front loading paper tray. Subsequently, click on Print.Once all the pages are printed, remove the remaining unused paper from the input tray.
  • Proceed to the below steps.Now reload the printed paper again into the loading tray based on the model. Get the second sided of the paper printed.

How to Print from Mobile Devices?

123 HP LJPRO M126nw mobile printing
  • To print photo, email, webpage, or document you have to enable the HP Print Service Plugin on the Android mobile from which you want to print.
  • Enable the plugin from your Smartphones to the HP printer over Wi- FI Direct connection or Wi- Fi network for printers that support that connection type.
  • If you have the plugin installed and it is up- to- date, you can start printing the required photos. The successive steps would help you if you want to install or update the HP Print Service Plugin.
  • Before you begin, make sure that the Android devices and the printer are associated with the same wireless network and Wi- Fi on your printer is enabled.
  • To start printing the photos, click on the Print option and then tap on Select printer. Customize the settings and click on Print icon.


Get printouts of the desired document from the place you are as you have this HP ePrint feature. HP ePrint is highly secured cloud based feature and does not need any special software to print using this. Just send an email and print directly to the 123 hp printer.


In recent times, most of the printers are capable of printing the documents and photos that are saved in your cloud. It is a service that is offered to print securely from any network enabled printer. No special software or driver is required to initiate the printing procedure.


This is a feature that lets Apple users print photos, web-pages, documents, and emails from their iPad, iPod, or iPhone. It usually comes as the built- in solution. Before you opt for this, make sure that the printer is compatible with the AirPrint feature.

HP LJPro M126nw Printer Troubleshooting Support

How to fix Paper Jam Issue?

  • The paper jam issue usually occurs when you feed incorrect paper type and size on the loading tray of the HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer. Here are the solutions to be done if your printer faces the print jam issue.While you are checking for the jammed paper in the printer, you have to keep the printer off. It is good to remove the power cord from the printer to avoid an electrical shock at any cast.
  • Open the access door and check if the pressure rollers inside the printer is free from dust and dirt.If you find any jammed papers in the rear accessing door, remove it. Setup the access door as how did before. Check the following tips and prevent paper jam.
  • Take out all paper from the loading tray of the printer after plugging out the power cord from the printer. Wipe the paper feed rollers using a clean cloth and reinstall it.If the rollers present inside the printer is not working properly, check if any accumulation is found.
HP LJPRO 126nw Printer Support
  • If yes, use a tweezer to remove it. Now reconnect the power cord and try to print.

How to fix ePrint Issue?

  • At times your HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer fails to print the job assigned to the printer. Check and follow the instructions provided in this section and get out of the issue.
  • The first thing you have to take care is the printer status and requirements. Check if the printer is on and proper internet connection is maintained.
  • Use the corresponding procedure to check the network connection and status. It is must to enable Web Service.
  • Affirm hat the printer firmware is the recent version. The HP ePrint issue might result if the firmware is outdated
  • Get directed to the site, key in your printer model to check if any updates have been released.ePrint issue occurs if the file you have attached does not meet the basic requirement.
  • Check if you have entered the email address in the To field. Misspelled email address or invalid email address might result in ePrint issue.
  • The issue would occur if the email is sent without adding any subject line. There lie the chances of getting an error message to the email from which you try to print.

How to fix Print Job Stuck in Queue?

  • This section of instructions is useful if the HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer cannot print from a computer as a print job assigned to the computer gets stuck in the queue.
  • Go to the print queue and delete all existing files. Follow the successive steps after powering off the printer. From Windows, click on the Services option in the list of results.
  • On your keyboard, tap the Windows key or simultaneously press windows key and R. Enter type services. Msc in the windows that access and then click on Ok.
  • Search for the name Print spooler option in the list of results and then right- click on the Print Spooler option followed by the Stop option.
  • Exclude all existing files and shout down your computer. Subsequently, plug out the printer’s power cord and let it remain idle atleast for 60 seconds.
  • Now power on the computer and the printer. Attempt to print a test document and check if the issue is resolved.
  • You can use diagnosing tools to solve this issue as well. Uninstalling the driver and reinstalling a new would help you restore the printer connection.

How to fix Printer offline Issue?

  • Follow the instructions in this section if the HP Laserjet Pro m126nw Setup printer you are using has lost its connection and fails to communicate with the computer properly.
  • Check for a diagnosing tool that is compatible with your operating system of the computer.
  • Check whether the printer you are using is only set as a default printer.
  • Reboot the entire print system followed by checking the connection status of the printer.Affirm that the port you have selected is correct and the port is not causing the interrupted connection.
  • Check if the firmware you have is the latest and try to establish the connection manually.For further clarifications, you can give a call our technical assistance. printer guide