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HP Laserjet M1005 Setup AiO Support

HP Laserjet M1005 Setup


The driver for the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup is available on our website. The driver is the key to initiate and maintain the printer functions. It is good to get the latest driver installed on your Mac or Windows if you want your printer to works out well. The driver differs with respective to the printer model and the operating system version.


The printer cannot be functioned even all hardware are assembled as the appropriate software is installed. Each OS needs a unique software to be installed to start the printer. Check our website to know the compatibility and install it. If a full- featured software is installed, all the required software like comes as the built- in function.


A user guide for your HP Laserjet M1005 Setup is available on our website. This guide has the complete instructions needed to setup your printer, establishing the connection, and troubleshooting tips. Whatever the information you want, you can get it here. A simple way to worth your money by knowing everything about the printer.

HP Laserjet M1005 Setup First-Time Installation

Steps for HP LJ m1005 Installation:

  • The instruction provided in this document is the first set of measures you have to do after buying a new printer. Get a printer, take it out from the shipment box, and check if all the accessories that are supposed to receive are present.
  • When the printer is shipped, generally the printer and its accessories are covered with packing materials and plastic tapes in order to prevent the entire package from physical damage at the time of delivery.
  • Free all the covering present in and around the printer. The accessories like power cord, duplexer, secondary paper tray, cartridges would also be covered with protective tapes. Remove them all and keep it aside.
  • Now you have to install the two- sided printer accessory. Search for it in the printer box and remove the plastic tapes that are wound around it. By placing the printer in a way that it faces you, place the duplexer in the slot in the rear of the printer.If your printer has a secondary tray, remove the packing tapes present, Place it on a flat surface where you suppose to use the printer.
  • Elevate the printer, position it over the top of the paper tray and then close the printer on top of the tray.
  • Establish the power supply connection by using the USB cable that comes with your printer. After switching on the printer, go to the control panel to choose the Continue option. Make sure that you have confirmed the changes made before moving to the next step.
  • Place required amount of paper in the loading tray. For this, you require plain, US A4 paper. Place it on the tray by pulling the tray outward. Push the paper width guide tabs and then move the paper width guides to the outermost positions.
  • After you placed enough number of paper in the tray, affirm that the paper you placed is facing down with the short edge present forward.
  • Subsequently, install the ink cartridges, and search for the correct printer driver to install it on the computer.

Easy Guidance for HP LJ m1005 Driver Installation

Installing the driver can be done simply as you have the world- class instructions with you. Go through it and follow the guidelines based on the operating system of your computer to which the printer is connected.

  • The driver installation should be done after assembling all hardware. The first step in installing the software is to search for the correct version of the diver.
  • You have two ways of getting the driver installed on your computer. Do it by using the installation CD, or download the latest version from the website.
  • Whatever the choice you go on with, make sure that the driver you have selected is the recent version and supports the operating system of the computer.
  • If you opt for a former method, simply place the CD in the drive, close, and let it run. When the installer prompts you, select a location to save the setup file.
  • If you go on with the latter method, go to the website where you can search for the printer driver.
  • Key in the model name and number, and follow the prompts to complete the installation step.

How to Send Fax?

Fax is a method of sending a scanned copy of the documents or photos over a telephone line. It is considered to be more secured comparing to email. The faxing can be done provided you have two fax- enabled printer or fax machine connected via a telephone line. Send a scanned copy of a document from one end and receive the same at another end easily.

HP Laserjet m1005 Connection Support


  • The advanced development in technology has reduced your decadency on bulk cables to establish the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup connection and lets you print from anywhere easily. The instructions provided in this document lets you print to your wireless enabled printer from iOS or Android devices. It usually needs a little configuration.
  • Normally, the recently launched printers have Wi- Fi capability. All you have to do is to set them up without linking to any computer. Check if the printer is located within the signal range of the wireless router.
  • To initiate the wireless connection, you need to know your SSID and password. The default password for the wireless router will be present in the label.
  • You can opt for the WPS pushbutton mode if the printer and the wireless router support it. Push the button on your printer and within two minutes, you have to enable the button on your router.
  • Once the connection is established, be it a Windows or Mac computer, you have to add your printer to the computer. To do this, on your control panel, click on View Devices and Printers.
  • Tap on Add and then check if the printer name gets sorted on the list.


  • Connect the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup to the computer using the USB mode of connection, install the full- featured driver, and get the best out of your printer.
  • Before you initiate the connection, you have to check if all the hardware required to establish the connection is with you.
  • Get a cable whose length is not more than 3 m.
  • Connect the printer directly to the available port on the computer and via a docking system.
  • No cables should remain intact by the time of working on with USB setup.
  • If you find any devices present in the available list, follow the prompts to remove them. Affirm that all the multiple icons present for the printer are removed.
  • Liable to the printer model and the operating system of the computer to which it is connected, the downloading and installing steps of the driver differs.
  • Get directed to the website, proceed with the prompts, and get the suitable driver installed on your computer.
  • When you are instructed to choose the connection type, set it as USB.
  • Once the connection acknowledgment message is received, start to print, copy, or scan based on your preference.

How to Print from Windows 10?

  • You can print from your tablet or Windows 10 device using the built- in function. Using this documents, email, photos, and webpages can be printed easily.
  • Check if the connection between the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup and the computer are done properly be it a Wired or Wireless. Once the connection is successfully made.
  • The files on your Windows mobile, and click on Print.Check the preview screen, choose your printer, alter the required settings, and then click on Print.
  • If you find any difficulties while printing from your Windows mobile, give us a call.

HP Laserjet m1005 Duplex Printing Support


  • Use the guidelines provided below to customize your HP Laserjet M1005 Setup to get prints on both sides of the paper. Using Choose your printer from the menu and it may prompt you for a WPS PIN. The WPS PIN is used for security purpose.
  • This PIN can be obtained from your HP Laserjet M1005 Setup’s operation panel.Try to print and verify if it is set up properly.Right-click on your printer and select Properties. Select Print a Test Page.hese steps let you know how to modify the settings and flip pages, based on the printer type.
  • It is always good to place enough number of papers in the tray to avoid paper ordering issue. Access the document where you have saved the document and click on Print.
  • Based on the printer model the option differs like Preferences, Printer Properties, or Printer Setup. If the duplex option is present, choose Print on Both Sides option.
  • If you cannot find the printing shortcut tab or duplexing shortcut, choose Layout, Finishing, or Feature tab, liable to the tab prompts in your driver version.
  • Choose the Duplexing option and select the binding or page flip depends on whether you want to read the document like a tablet or booklet.
  • Choose Ok and then Print. Take out the printed side from the output tray and make sure that the stack is placed properly on a flat surface.
  • Feed the printed side paper first into the main tray. The method you prefer to load the page depends on whether your printer has a rear load input tray or a front door input tray. Choose Print and get the second side of the paper.


  • Check this section and set your HP Laserjet M1005 Setup to print on both sides of the paper with a little tuning in the configuration. Check if the printer is auto duplexer or you have to flip the pages on your own.
  • Place enough paper in the input tray of the printer and access the document which you’d like to print. Choose File and followed by the Print and Show Details options.
  • Check if you have a Two- sided selection box and continue with the prompts based on your printer is a rear loading or front loading. Choose Paper Handling option and choose Odd Only from the Pages to Print menu.
  • Once all settings are modified, click on Print. When the first page of the printer is expelled from the printer, place it into the tray in order to print on another side.
  • Decide if you want to print like a booklet or a tablet and place the document in the tray accordingly. If you want the prints to be in booklet format, keep the printed side down with the top edge down.
  • If you’d like to get the prints in the tablet format, place the printed side down with the top edge up. Revert to the Print menu and click Even only.
  • Check if you have a Two- sided selection box and continue with the prompts based on your printer is a rear loading or front loading. Choose Paper Handling option and choose Odd Only from the Pages to Print menu.
  • Choose the automatic option from the Page Order menu and click on the Print option. For details, get connected to our tech- support team .

How to Print Photos on Mobile Devices?

HP LJm1005 mobile printing
  • To print photos from your mobile devices, you have to get the HP Print Service Plugin installed. Printing photos from the mobile device are made possible by the Plugin as it communicates between the printer and the mobile device.
  • The Android devices whose version is 4.4 or later should be present on your mobile. Go to Play Store to install or Update the HP Printer Service Plugin.
  • It is must to connect the printer and the mobile device to the same network. If you installed the driver for the first time, go to the Home screen to display the notification dashboard., and then click on HP Inc service installed.
  • If you have updated the HP Print Service Plugin, click on the Settings option and then click More Settings or NFC and sharing option. Subsequently, click on Print.
  • Tap on the HP Inc. Service installed option and then choose On. You can also disable other service plugins. Access the document and click on the Print option.
  • Use the down arrow to check the (HP Laserjet M1005 Setup)printer list and pick out the printer from the list,. Once you have chosen the printer, click on Print to get the print of the necessary photos.


It is feature using which you can print just by emailing the documents and photos to a valid email account. Using this feature you can print from both Apple and Android devices provided you have a necessary app installed. Check the manual and know the basic requirements to get printouts using this feature.


A secured service for printing documents and photos from any network- connected device to your printer. A suitable driver is mandatorily to be installed to print successfully. A Google account is required to initiate the printing process. You can print from your Apple iOS or Android, Chromebook, computer using it.


Get the desired printouts from your Apple iOS v 4.2 and later mobile operating systems using the AirPrint feature. The printers that are launched after 2011 generally supports the AirPrint feature. Check the documentation and know the requirements to be satisfied to print using this iOS mobile printing solution.

HP Laserjet M1005 Setup Troubleshooting Support

How to fix ePrint Issues?

  • Affirm that the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup is powered on and is connected to the Internet. Verify whether the Web Services is activated. It is necessary to keep the Web Services option on at all times to print successfully with the help of the HP ePrint application.
  • Ratify that the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup printer firmware installed on your computer is the recent version. If the firmware is found to be the old version, HP ePrint fails to print. Ratify if any blinking lights or error messages on the printer’s control panel.
  • Make sure that the suitable printer email address is keyed in the To: field. Ratify that you have typed some texts in the subject line. A blank email subject line makes the HP ePrint server to abolish the assigned print job.
  • Verify if any error email is received on the email account from which you have sent. The files like encrypted, or password, Digitally signed protected documents are not supported with HP ePrint.
  • The photos that you’d like to send have a horizontal and vertical resolution of 100 pixels or higher. The total size of the email should not more than 10 MB. Per email, it is possible to send maximum of only 10 attachments.
  • Use the HP Connected to manage your ePrint jobs.

How to fix Print Issues on Mobile?

  • Printing from your mobile devices can be achieved easily provided you follow the successive instructions. Do some changes to the settings to get good quality prints using your printer.
  • The HP Print Service Plugin is necessary to accomplish the print job from your mobile device.
  • This lets you print from your smartphones over a Wi- Fi network for the printers that support that connection type.
  • On you Android mobile, update the HP Service Plugin by directing to Google Play Store, and then Power on the printer.
  • Affirm that the printer and the mobile are on the same network.
  • Enable the HP Service Plugin on your mobile device and click on the Settings option.
  • Choose More or More Network settings and then click on Print.
  • Click HP Inc. Service installed or HP inc and then click the On option. If necessary, you can disable other plugins.
  • Open the file you want to print, tap on your printer name, and tap on the Print icon to get the desired prints.

How to Resolve Paper Jam Issue?

  • Initially, take out any loose paper from the output and input tray of the printer. Power off your printer. Subsequently, disconnect the power cord form the printer and let the printer cool. Elevate the print cartridge door and take out the ink cartridges from their slots. Free any torn pieces of paper that prevail inside the printer.
  • After you have eliminated all paper, re- place the cartridges into the input tray of the printer, and close the print cartridge door. Subsequently, boot up the printer.Once the printer is powered off, wait at least for thirty seconds and the power on the printer manually. Make sure that the paper width and guides are placed to their outermost level.
  • Free any damaged paper and then place the paper into the input tray of the printer.Let your printer reprint your original document from the program you were printing from and check if the print job is done properly.
hp lj m1005 Paper Jam

How to fix Printer Offline Issue?

  • The connection issue can be resolved provided you use the correct diagnosing tools.
  • The HP Laserjet M1005 Setup driver currently present on the computer might be an out- dated one. Search for a new driver and get it installed.
  • Make sure that the appropriate port is selected, if your printer is connected by means of a USB cable.
  • After updating the firmware your printer issue might be resolved. Check this by printing a sample document.
  • Allow the network- enabled printer to print a network configuration report and get the URL for EWS. Tap the URL in the system that is connected to the network.
  • generate a manual IP address in the network tab and select apply.
  • Eliminate the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup from the list of devices and add it again.
  • Make sure that the printer is in the online mode.If come other devices closely related to your printer name might be set as a default printer and issue.
  • Change the originally installed driver to be the default print driver.
  • Ratify that the printer is not set for offline use. Boot up the printer to check if the printer is retained to the online mode.

How to fix Print Job Stuck in Queue?

  • If the input power supplied to the HP Laserjet M1005 Setup gets interrupted the print job stuck issue likely to occur. Make sure that the power cord is firmly connected to the printer and the wall outlet or the power adaptor. Boot up the printer manually if the printer is not powered on by itself.
  • The print job stuck issue occurs as the result of interrupted communication between the printer and your computer. In such scenarios, reset the USB connection. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer and the computer. Do not disturb the printer for 10 minutes and then re- establish the connection.
  • The print job cannot be successful if the printer connection moves to offline.
  • The print job remains in the queue. On the print queue window check if the Pause Printing or Use Printer Offline option is disabled.When you choose the Print icon in your software application, the print job is assigned to the default printer. Affirm that the printer you are using is customized as the default printer.
  • Boot up the printing software system files by re- installing and installing the print driver, if printer issue exists. Once it is done, attempt to print again.
  • Terminate the software application which you are currently working and then open it and try to print from some other platforms like NotePad. If the issue is not sorted out, the printer should be sent to a service. printer guide