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HP Scanjet Pro Printer Setup AiO Support

HP ScanJet Pro has a good software suite and the optical character recognition accuracy is above average. It is a moderately priced document scanner series with excellent speed. HP Scanjet Pro Printer Setup comes with a complete suite of software, which, in addition to the drivers, includes: HP Scan, HP Scanner Tools Utility, Nuance PaperPort, IRIS Readiris, IRIS Cardiris and EMC ISIS. They are strong candidates for high volume document scanning in offices and workgroups in addition to being our new top personal desktop scanner.

HP Scanjet Pro Printer Setup Models

HP Scanjet Pro Printer Setup for  4500fn1

SCANJET PRO 4500 fn1

HP Scanjet Pro 2000s1 Setup


HP Scanjet Pro 3000s3 Setup


HP Scanjet Pro 2500f1 Setup


HP Scanjet Pro 3500f1 Printer


HP Scanjet Pro Printer Setup Installation

Steps for HP Scanjet Pro Printer Setup Installation:

  • Remove all packing material from outside the scanner. Connect the power cable to the power supply and connect the power supply cable into a power outlet or surge protector.
  • Check that the green LED on the power supply case is on. If the green LED is on, plug the power supply into the back of the device and then press the Power button.
  • After the software is installed successfully, please connect the USB cable to the scanner.
  • Download and install the scanner software on your computer from our website.
  • It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking.
  • Press down the arrow located on the top of the input tray to raise the extension. Adjust the paper guides to the width of the documents. The two guides move together to center the documents.
  • Pull out the output tray and then fold the output tray extensions and paper guides. Before loading the documents in the input tray, smooth out any folds or curls in the document. Load the documents face-down with the top of the documents pointing towards the feeder.

HP Scanjet Pro Driver Software Installation

HP Scanjet Pro Software Installation
  • The software that is used to connect the printer to your computer is the printer driver. There is nothing the printer can do, without the driver software.
  • There are two ways to install the driver software on your computer. One method is to install the driver file from the installation CD and the other is to download the software from our website.
  • Click the link provided on our website, to download the software. Enter the printer model on the following page to download the correct software for your printer.
  • The driver file is custom designed for each printer model and if you download the wrong driver file, it will not work and you will have to repeat the entire process once again.

HP Scanjet Pro Printer Common Issues

  • Paper jam in Automatic document feeder- Overloading of pages in the input or output tray, misalignment of paper and scanning damp or wet pages are some of the causes of a paper jam.
  • Unexpected output when scanning non-English characters in an OCR file using an HP Scan software- This issue occurs when the language in the optical character recognition (OCR) feature is set by default as English in the HP Scanjet Pro Printer Setup Scan software. The OCR feature does not automatically recognize non-English characters.
  • Unable to remove punch-mark holes on pages when scanning using the “Remove Holes” setting in an HP scanning software- This happens when the Auto Orient checkbox is checked in the HP Scan settings.
HP Scanjet Pro Printer Issues

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