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HP Officejet Pro Printer Models Support

For people who need more than just speed and feeds, HP Officejet Pro Printer Models are the right choice. They anchor HP’s flagship printing line with ample connectivity options, capable performance and enough cloud-printing tools to ensure long-term usefulness. This printer series demonstrates reliable performance with excellent scores in both quality and speed tests. It is cost-effective and serves up top-shelf output quality at rapid print speeds, suitable for photo enthusiasts, offices and home users hunting for an upgrade.

Top HP Officejet Pro Printer Models

123 HP Officejet Pro 6960 Printer


HP OJPRO 6970 Printer


HP OJPRO 8210 Printer


HP Officejet Pro 8710 Printer


HP Officejet Pro 8720 Printer


HP Officejet Pro Printer Models Driver Installation Guidance

  • Open the box, grab the plastic bag containing the printer and slide it out of the box. Remove all the tape and packing material from the printer.
  • Connect one end of the power cord to the rear of the printer and the other end into a wall outlet. Turn on your printer and wait for it to initialize.
  • From your printer’s control panel, you will have to choose your language. Select your language and then touch Confirm. Then select your country and touch Confirm.
  • Set the date and touch Continue. Open the ink cartridge access door. Remove the plastic cover from the bundle of cartridges.
  • Use the pull-tab to remove the plastic from the cartridge. Insert the cartridges into their corresponding slots in the printer.
  • With all cartridges installed, close the ink cartridge access door. The printer will check the cartridges and will prompt you to load paper.Load unused paper in the input tray.The printer will align the printhead and print out a page.

HP Officejet Pro Printer Driver Installation

Steps for HP Officejet Pro Printer Driver Installation

HP Officejet Pro Printer Models Driver Download
  • You can setup the software for your printer from either Windows or Mac computer. On your computer, open a web browser.
  • Go to our website and select Driver Download. Enter your printer’s model number or name and then select your computer’s operating system.
  • Click download and run the downloaded file. The files will be extracted and then it will be launched.
  • During the installation, Windows might ask you to confirm if you want to open the file or allow changes to your computer.
  • Click Yes to continue the installation. The HP Easy Start utility files will be extracted and launched.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Restart your computer after the installation process.

HP Officejet Pro Printer models Common Queries

  • Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup (Windows): Restart the computer, printer, and router. Check the network and printer connection status. Manually connect the printer to your network.
  • Wireless Troubleshooting: Install the printer software and set up the printer on the network. Restart the router and printer. Evaluate a Wireless Network Test Results report.
  • Carriage Jam: Clear any jammed paper from the printer and make sure the carriage moves freely. Remove and then reinstall the ink cartridges. Remove the printhead, then inspect the carriage compartment.
  • Printer Turns Off Unexpectedly or Repeatedly: Change the energy settings. Restart the printer. Update the printer firmware.
HP Officejet Pro Printer models Common Issues


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