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How to Setup the HP Envy 7155 for Wireless Printing?

About HP Envy 7155 Printer

To set up the wireless prints in HP envy 7155, you should first download and install the print driver. Then run the software and complete the process. Following Instructions are used to fix How to Setup the HP Envy 7155 for Wireless Printing.

Quick Steps for HP 7155 Unboxing

  1.   Make sure the network name and password are collected, and the printer is connected to the computer.
  2.   “Check” if the router and the computer are turned on.
  3.   Make sure that the computer links to the same “wireless network” in which you want to connect the printer.
  4.   “Locate” the Power button on the printer and “press it”.
  5.   Place the printer close to the computer within the range of the router during the setup procedure.
  6.   Connect the printer to your wireless network.
How to Setup HP Envy 7155
  1.   “Download” and install the current and full version of the software.
  2.   Run the software to complete the printer registration and activation.

Detailed steps for How to Setup the HP Envy 7155 for Wireless Printing

  •   Connect the computer to the wireless network. To connect the printer to the wireless network, touch the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel by swiping down to open the dashboard.
  •   Press the Setup icon -> Network Setup -> Wireless Settings -> Wireless Setup Wizard.
  •   Tap the name of your network from the list of available networks and then press OK.
  •   Tap Enter New Network Name if the list does not display the network name.
  •   Type the network password and select Done -> OK. Download and install the full feature HP printer software by choosing the model number, and select Begin -> Download.
  •   Double-click the downloaded driver file in the Downloads folder to start the installation process and complete the driver installation.
  •   In case of Mac, double-click the Downloads folder. On the Install screen, select Easy Scan by scrolling down in the list of software.
  •   After the installation of the software select Continue.
  •   In the Add and Verify Your Device screen, choose Add Device.
  •   Select Print Test Page to confirm that the printer is set up correctly. Still you have Queries Related How to Setup the HP Envy 7155 for Wireless Printing & Others Contact Our Experts. printer guide