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How to Setup HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n?

HP Laserjet Pro m401n Specs

Go through the basic guidelines and learn how to setup HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n printer. Unboxing the printer and setting it up is not a tedious job. Unbox the printer, load some plain paper, and install the ink cartridges. Plug the power cord of the printer to the wall socket and turn On the switch. Bridge the connection between the printer and the computer using a USB cable. This process is different for a wireless printer. Locate the Printer settings on your computer. For a Windows computer, you can find it in the Control panel. For a Mac device, you can locate it in System Preferences. Search for the option to Add a printer and go with the instructions displayed. Try printing a test page and verify the print quality. Wireless printers make it convenient for you to print from laptops, tablets, and even smartphones without the need to link the device to a computer.

    Easy Guidance for Change Toner

  1.   Open the shipment box and take the printer & its accessories out of it.
  2.   Remove all the tapes and packing materials.
  3.   “Connect” your HP printer to an electrical outlet using a power cord.
  4.   Pull the input tray out and load some plain papers in it.
  5.   “Push” the input tray into your printer.
  6. “Open” the ink cartridge access door.
  7.   “Insert” ink cartridges into their respective slots and close the access door.
  8.   “Print” an alignment page to check the ink flow.
How to Setup HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n

Detailed Guidance for How to Setup HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n Printer

  •   Before unpacking your HP Laserjet Pro printer, choose a solid work surface and a well-ventilated area that is far away from direct sunlight.
  •   Take your printer and its components out of the shipment box. Remove the packaging materials and confirm that the contents meet the illustration.
  •   It is recommended to recycle the packing materials whenever possible. Remove the orange tape. Open the front door and the toner cartridge tray.
  •   Find the orange ring on the toner cartridge. Pull the ring carefully to remove the sealing tape. Repeat the same procedure for installing other toner cartridges.
  •   Shut the toner cartridge tray and close the front door. Open the rear door. Gently remove the orange shipping tape and the plastic protective sheet inside your printer.
  •   Close the rear door. Open the paper tray. Adjust the sliding front door and side guides to the actual paper size.
  •   Load some plain sheets of paper inside the tray and make sure that the sliding front & side paper guides rest against the stack. Close the paper tray.
  •   Connect the power cord between your printer the grounded AC outlet. Use the power cord that comes with the printer.
  •   Make sure that the power source goes with the voltage rating of your printer. Wait for a few seconds after you turn on the printer and proceed.
  •   Connect your printer to a network. The network identifies your printer and assigns an IP address or hostname to set the preferences. For More Assist related How to Setup HP Laserjet Pro 400 m401n Contact Our Experts. printer guide