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How to Scan in HP Deskjet 3635 Printer?

About Scan Function

Scanning is the process of converting a document from its paper form to digital form. The scanned document can be saved to your system through email in the form of PDF. The Deskjet printer 3635 printer supports the scan function. Use your HP printer to scan your documents or photos. Make sure you have installed the necessary updated driver software and check whether the connections are done properly. You can preview and edit the document before saving the scanned file. Learn Instructions for How to Scan in HP Deskjet 3635 Printer.

HP Deskjet 3635 Scan to Computer

Quick Steps for Scan to Computer

  1.   “Download” the full-featured driver from a trusted site.
  2.   Install the setup file that includes the HP Scan feature.
  3.   Check if all the necessary connections are done properly.
  4.   Load the document on the scanner glass or the Automatic Document Feeder of your Deskjet 3635 Printer. Do not load the photos on the ADF of your printer.
  5.   “Browse” for the HP folder on your system. Select the name of your printer.
  6.   Click “Scan Option” from the HP Printer Assistants tab.
  7.   “Tap” Scan a Document or Photo from the options available.
  8.   Alter the scanned document if needed and browse for a location to save it on your computer.
How to Scan in HP Deskjet 3635

HP Deskjet 3635 Scan to Email

  •   Install the local email client like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird on your system.
  •   Configure web-based email accounts through local email client to scan to email.
  •   Use the touchscreen and select the Scan Option.
  •   Choose the name of your system and select the Email as PDF option.
  •   “Click” Scan to Email application if available on your printer.
  •   “Browse” for HP folder on your system. Select the name of your printer.
  •   “Choose” Scan option and select Document to Email option.
  •   Select the Scan option. Do necessary alterations if needed.
  •   “Click” the Send option, then an email message will open automatically with the scanned document attached in it.

HP Deskjet 3635 Scan to Pdf

  •   How to Scan in HP Deskjet 3635 Printer Pdf Support. Turn ON your HP Deskjet 3635 printer.
  •   Change the resolution of the printer to 300dpi.
  •   Search for the HP folder on your system and select the name of your printer.
  •   Choose the Scan option from the HP Assistant dialog box.
  •   Do all the necessary changes in the HP Scan properties dialog box.
  •   Select the Save as PDF option and Save if you’ve scanned using the ADF.
  •   Load every page one by one if you’ve used the scanner glass to perform the scan function.
  •   Choose the PDF option from the Save as Type menu. Name the document and choose Save option. is a reliable third-party website that can be easily accessible by anyone. This site provides simple instructions for the printer setup, installation and resolving printer issues. No information or any activity that happens through this website is related to HP. The pictorial representations and context in this website are only for the purpose of reference. Please have a look at the Website Privacy Policy before surfing through our site. printer guide