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How to Reset HP Sprocket Printer?

How to Reset HP Sprocket Printer with a straight pin to clear any errors if the printer function is not enabled when you press the Power button or does not print when you send a print job. If you require instructions on How to Reset HP Sprocket, then make use of the simple steps that are provided below.

How to Reset HP Sprocket

Quick Steps for HP Sprocket Reset

  1.   Check whether the HP Sprocket printer is Powered ON.
  2.   “Search” for the Reset button on the printer.
  3.   “Check” if it is available near the charging port.
  4.   Take a pin which is not bended and insert it into the access point of the Reset button.
  5.   “Press” the Reset button for three seconds after inserting the staright pin.
  6.   “Check” if the HP Sprocket is reset. When it resets, it automatically turns off.
  7.   Power ON the printer after some time by pressing the power button.
  8.   Refer to the instructions below for more detailed steps on resetting the printer.

How to Reset HP Sprocket Printer?

  •   There are certain reasons that might lead to reset the printer. This page provides details on the issues that arise on the printer that needs to be resolved using the resetting process.
  •   If you have assigned a print job to your printer but it is not printing, then try the resetting process. After resetting the printer, check if the issue is resolved.
  •   The printer might not power on when you press the Power button sometimes. This problem can also be resolved using the reset process.
  •   If the printer is not connecting to the phone or if the Sprocket often occurs to be hanging then, the HP Sprocket should be reset.
  •   This issue will resolve only if the device is reset. During the reset process, the printer should be paired again with the phone.
  •   The printer reset instructions are provided below in detailed steps.
  •   You need a straight pin to perform a reset process. Initially, the HP Sprocket printer should be switched on. Locate the Power button on the printer and press on it to power on the Sprocket.
  •   When the printer powers on, search for the Reset button. If you are unble to locate it, see if it is present near the charging port. Once the Reset button is located, take a straight pin, and insert it into the Reset button’s access point.
  •   After you insert the straight pin, press the Reset button for three seconds. See if the printer is reset. When the printer is reset, it automatically powers off. After some time, the printer should be switched on by pressing the Power button on the device.
  •   You can also refer to the HP Sprocket user manual for How to Reset HP Sprocket information. The manual will be shipped along with your printer during the shipment time. If it is lost, then get the updated user guide from online. printer guide