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How to Reset HP Laserjet 5200 Printer?

How to Reset HP Laserjet 5200 Printer will restore all the printer and network settings to its factory defaults. Performing a Cold Reset will not change the values in the service menu such as page count, tray size, or language.

Easy Guidance for LJ5200 Reset

  1.   Power off the printer, and wait for some time.
  2.   Turn ON the Printer.
  3.   Hold the OK icon until the three lights on the printer’s control panel flash.
  4.   Release the icon after 10 seconds.
  5.   Use the navigation keys to select the Cold Reset option once the Select Language message displays on the printer’s control panel.
  6.   “Press” the OK icon, and wait for the printer to perform a reset.
  7.   Wait until the Printer ON.
  8.   Check all the input and output settings, and change the printer configuration values to factory settings.
How to Reset HP Laserjet 5200

How to Reset HP Laserjet 5200?

  •   Press the HP printer’s Power button to turn it off. Plug out the power cord from the printer’s rear. Remove the cord from the wall outlet.
  •   “Reconnect” the power wire to the printer’s rear after some time. Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  •   “Wait” for the printer to power up automatically. If the printer does not turn on by itself, manually turn it on. Press and hold the OK icon on the printer’s control panel until you see all the three LED lights remaining lit.
  •   If you have set a bootloader password, you will receive a prompt to enter the password on the control panel. Key in the bootloader password, and press the Menu button in order to confirm the entry.
  •   Once you see the Select Language message on the printer’s control panel, use the navigation keys to select the Cold Reset on the control panel. Press the “OK icon” against the Cold Reset option. The printer will now perform the Cold Reset.
  •   Wait for the printer to complete the power-on sequence. The process will take at least 30 seconds to complete. The boot sequence is complete when Ready appears on the control panel.
  •   You can also reset the printer by initializing “NVRAM” which can reset the event log, page counts, the EIO card, and Jetdirect inside. Print a menu map and a configuration page before initializing NVRAM.
  •   “Remove” installed accessories such as EIO card from the printer, and turn the printer off. Power up your printer and wait for the memory count to begin. Press and hold the down navigation key until all the “LED lights flash” at once.
  •   “Press” the Down arrow button then the Select icon. The control panel should display NVRAM INIT.
  •   Select the Okay icon again to initialize NVRAM. The printer will begin its power-on sequence. Turn the printer off and power it up again. Perform a Self Test on the printer. Now, How to Reset HP Laserjet 5200 issue was fixed. printer guide