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How to Replace Ink Cartridge HP Envy 4500?

The HP Envy 4500 uses the HP 61 cartridge series which are in black and tricolor (cyan, magenta, yellow). It comes in two yields, i.e., standard HP 61 black cartridges print 190 pages, and higher yield HP 61XL black cartridges print 480 pages. In some regions, the compatible ink cartridges are HP 802 Black for Blank ink cartridges and HP 802 Tri-color for Color ink cartridges.
Compatible HP 61 ink cartridges give great service when installed. If you are looking for reliable prints without wanting to pay for expensive ink cartridges, then HP 61 ink cartridges are a good option. These ink cartridges work well with the HP Envy 4500 printer and are easy to install. You can buy new genuine ink cartridges, replacement ink cartridges, and other supplies from the manufacturer’s shop or local retailers. Make sure you identify the compatible cartridge and install it. Below we Provide Quick Steps for How to Replace Ink Cartridge HP Envy 4500 Printer.

Quick Steps for Ink Cartridge Replacement

  1.   Open the paper tray door and pull it toward you.
  2.   Slide out the paper width guides and load the paper.
  3.   Slide in the paper width guides and push the paper tray forward.
  4.   Power ON your printer and open the scanner lid.
  5.   Open the cartridge slot and remove the cartridge from it.
  6.   Handle the “new ink cartridge” carefully.
  7.   Insert the color cartridge in the left and black in the right.
  8.   Close the cartridge door and scanner lid. Print an alignment page.
How to Replace Ink Cartridge HP Envy 4500 Printer

Detailed Solution for How to Replace Ink Cartridge HP Envy 4500

  •   Open the paper tray door and draw it towards you to extend the tray.
  •   Pull out the paper tray extender and raise the paper catch. Adjust the paper width guides to their outermost position.
  •   Insert a clean pile of plain white paper into the paper tray and push into the tray until it stops.
  •   Keep the paper width guides in a way that they rest against the edges. Push the paper tray until it fits into place.
  •   Power on your printer if it is turned on. Open the scanner lid and the scanner lid.
  •   Wait until the carriage is idle. Remove the cartridge present inside the slot by pulling it. Raise the lid, gently push the lid back, and then pull on the cartridge.
  •   Remove the cartridge from its packaging and pull the tab to remove the plastic tape. Don’t touch the ink nozzles on the cartridge. Hold the cartridge at a little upward angle making the contacts facing the back of the printer. Slide the cartridge into the empty slot.
  •   The color cartridge goes into the left slot, and the black cartridge is fixed in the right slot. Close the cartridge slot to keep the cartridge properly in its place.
  •   Repeat these steps for the other cartridges also if needed. Shut the cartridge access door and the scanner lid. Comply with the instructions on the control panel to begin the ink cartridge alignment.
  •   The printer aligns the cartridges and then prints an alignment page. Still, you have any Doubt Related How to Replace Ink Cartridge HP Envy 4500 & Others Contact Our Experts. printer guide