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How to Replace HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Toner Cartridge?

In HP Laserjet pro 400 M451w printers, Standard-capacity replacement black print cartridges can be used. The cartridge number and part number for these type of cartridges are 305A and CE410A respectively. In the case of High-capacity replacement, black print cartridge whose cartridge number is 305X and part number CE410X is generally used. And to replace color ink cartridges, the following cartridges can be used. For Cyan color, the cartridge with the number 305A and part number CE411A is recommended. For the replacement of yellow print cartridges, cartridges with 305A number and CE412A as the part number can be used. Cartridges with the cartridge number 305A and part number CE413A is highly recommended while the replacement of Magenta print cartridge. Print cartridges can be easily installed and removed with one hand. Learn How to Replace HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Toner Cartridge below…

    Easy Guidance for Replace Toner Cartridge

  1.   “Open” the cartridge access door.
  2.   “Slide” the drum unit towards “outside the printer”.
  3.   Hold the old cartridge by its handles and take the cartridge up to remove it from the drum unit.
  4.   “Take” the new toner cartridge from the package.
  5.   Shake the toner cartridge slightly front and back to spread the toner inside the cartridge evenly.
  6.   “Take” away the orange plastic shield from the new print cartridge.
  7.   The “drum unit” should be taken out of the cartridge.
  8.   “Slide” the drum unit inside and close the access door.
How to Replace HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Toner Cartridge

Detailed Guidance for How to Replace HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Toner Cartridge

  •   Generally, HP Laserjet Pro 400 M451nw printer supports with four colors and 5 different printer cartridges can be used based on its color and replacement capacity. Black, Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow are the four supporting colors.
  •   Purchase new cartridges from HP stores or local retailers. Open the cartridge access door and take the printer’s cartridge drawer.
  •   Choose the color of the cartridge to be taken out. Take the old toner cartridge outside the drum unit by holding the handle.
  •   Unpack the new toner cartridge and remove the packing materials.
  •   Gently shake the toner cartridge before installing it into the drum unit so that the toner gets spread inside the cartridge.
  •   Take away the orange plastic material or shield from the new toner cartridge.
  •   Don’t touch the bottom of the imaging drum as the fingerprints may cause quality problems in the printouts.
  •   Place in the new toner cartridge into the drum unit. Remove the sealing tape from the new cartridge.
  •   Do not touch the toner. If it gets on clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash it with cold water to remove the stain. Using hot water is not recommended.
  •   Check if the toner cartridge snaps into place. Slide the drum unit inside the printer. Close the cartridge access door. Place the old print cartridge, sealing tape, plastic shield in the new cartridge box, and do the recycling process. Still you have queries related How to Replace HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Toner Cartridge or Others contact our experts. printer guide