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How to Print Photos on HP Officejet 5740 Printer

You can print using the HP Officejet 5740 printer, which will produce high-resolution and good quality output. You can print photos as well as images. Printing can be done in both color and black & white. To know How to Print Photos on HP Officejet 5740 Printer follow the instructions that are given below.

Quick Guidance for Print Photos on HP OJ5740

  1.   Turn ON your HP Officejet 5740 printer.
  2.   “Load” the unused printing sheets into the input tray.
  3.   Open the document or the photo that you want to print.
  4.   “Click” on the print option from the file menu OR “select” the Ctrl+P keys from your keyboard.
  5.   The print Properties dialog box will open.
  6.   As per your wish, “select” the layout of your print page.
  7.   “Further changes” can be done using the advanced settings.
  8.   The print page preview can be seen before printing. After saving the document “click” the print option.
How to Print Photos on HP Officejet 5740

How to Print Photos on HP Officejet 5740 Printer?

  •   The HP Officejet printer is to be turned On. Remove all the normal printing papers, for instance, A4 sheets from the input tray.
  •   Load the photo papers into the input tray of your printer. Make sure that the sheets are unused and have no folds in their edges. Place the photo papers print side or glossy are facing down.
  •   Before starting the print process, ensure you make all the changes that are needed for your photo or the image you want to print.
  •   Now, right-click on the photo or the image and open it on the Windows Photo Viewer or Paint. In case, if you use Windows 10, open your image with Paint and follow the instructions given below.
  •   From the File menu, click the Print option or press the Ctrl and P keys on your keyboard.
  •   From the Print Document Properties dialog box, you can access more Print settings. If you are using the Windows Photo Viewer, click on Options—-> Print Properties and if you have opened your document with Paint, click the option Preferences.
  •   From the Print Properties dialog box, you can change the layout of the printing page, paper type, etc. Check the print quality in the computer display, if the print preview and the color combinations are not satisfactory, the output will not be satisfactory.
  •   You can also choose the Print Quality of your printed output from Normal, Best, Max DPI, Draft. The Best and Max DPI will produce higher print quality and will produce the best prints.
  •   Similarly, the color of the print document can also be chosen from Black and White, Color and Grayscale. After doing necessary alterations, click on the Print option.
  •   Note: Use HP Photo Papers which will produce quality prints and high-resolution prints can be obtained. Once you start the printing process, editing of the document cannot be done. Above, We Provided Detailed Guidance for How to Print Photos on HP Officejet 5740 Printer. You have Queries Related Print Photos Call Our Toll-Free now. printer guide