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How to Print Front and Back on Laserjet Pro m203dw Printer?

About HP LJPRO m203dw printer:

The HP LaserJet PRO m203dw printer is a high-performance device powered by JetIntelligence Toner cartridges for a fast-paced printing experience. A perfect device for business needs with blazing two-sided prints and high paper handling capacity. The printer supports spectacular mobile printing options with support for smartphones operating on both Android and iOS operating system. The Wi-Fi Direct feature on the device enables printing in the absence of a network connection. Get superior print quality with the HP assurance on the ultra-fast printer with no worries on running out of cartridges due to the presence of the high yield ink cartridges. Here, below we provide the simple instructions for How to Print Front and Back on Laserjet Pro m203dw.

HP Laserjet Pro m203dw Single Side Print Setup

Quick Step for Single Side Print

  1.   The printer is to be powered up, and paper loaded in the Input tray of the HP Laserjet Pro m203dw Printer.
  2.   “Check” if the “printer” is connected to the personal device through any one of the connection methods.
  3.   “Ensure” that the driver and software are installed in the personal device.
  4.   “Open” the printer software and “click” on the Print option.
  5.   “Choose” the HP Laserjet m203dw Printer from the list of available printers. “Choose” the Properties or Preferences tab and open the printer driver.
  6.   “Set” the necessary paper preferences by tapping on the respective options in the driver’s tab.
  7.   “Apply” the required orientation by clicking on the Finishing tab.
  8.   The paper source, paper size, and quality settings can be set using the Paper/Quality tab.
How to Install HP Laserjet 5200 Printer Driver
  1.   Tap on the OK button and come back to the Print dialog box and choose the number of copies to be printed.
  2.   “Choose” the OK option to complete the print job.

Does the HP Laserjet Pro m203dw Print Double-sided?

  •   Check whether the printer is powered up and the Input tray of the HP LaserJet PRO m203dw printer is loaded with paper.
  •   Ensure proper connection between the printer and the computer by means of supported connection methods.
  •   Check if the latest drivers and software are installed on the computer. If not download them from our website and install on your computer.
  •   Launch the printer software and select the Print option.
  •   Select the HP LaserJet m203dw printer in the list displayed by the printer software.
  •   Click on the Properties or Preferences tab and initialize the printer driver.
  •   Select the required paper preferences by choosing the respective options in the driver tab.
  •   Opt for the fixed orientation by selecting the Finishing tab.
  •   Choose the Print on Both Sides checkbox and tap on the OK button. The Document Properties dialog box now closes automatically.
  •    Choose the OK button in the Print dialog box and start the printing process.
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