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How to Print Envelopes on HP Deskjet 2652?

How to Put Paper in HP Deskjet 2652 Printer?

Envelopes can be printed using the HP OfficeJet 2652. The printer driver is necessary to print envelopes using the printer. Make sure that you install suitable printer driver so that the driver installation happens without any issue on the computer. Learn Below How to Print Envelopes on HP Deskjet 2652 Printer.

Simple Steps for HP DJ2652 Print Envelopes

  1.   Insert the driver CD into the drive and wait until it gets loaded
  2.   Check the CD driver folder to begin the driver installation.
  3.   Select the language for the driver installation.
  4.   Agree to the terms and conditions of the installer.
  5.   Choose the type of connection to be established.
  6.   “Click Finish” after the completion of the driver installation.
  7.   “Check” the “connectivity light on the control panel” of the printer to ensure the connectivity.
  8.   Test print a document to confirm the printer set up.
How to Print Envelopes on HP Deskjet 2652 Printer

Detailed Solution for How to Print Envelopes on HP Deskjet 2652 Printer

  •   Download the printer driver which is latest and the one which suits your Operating System. Wait until the printer driver is completely downloaded. Navigate to the downloads folder of your computer.
  •   Double click on the downloaded setup file to begin the driver installation. Make sure that the driver file that you install is done properly.
  •   Follow the on-screen prompts of the installer to begin the installation. Select the language for the driver installation and agree to the terms and conditions of the driver installation.
  •   Choose the type of connectivity which you prefer. If you select the connection type as wireless, connect the router which is connected to your computer to the printer.
  •   Hit the Power button and switch ON the printer. Pull the input tray and extend the paper width guides. Take any normal paper out from the tray and replace them with envelopes that are compatible with the printer.
  •   Move the paper width guides and make them rest against the paper limits. Do not push the width guides very tight to the envelope as it might cause an issue.
  •   Open the file using your document-viewing application.
  •   On the Menu bar, click on File and choose Print from the drop-down list. Select the printer model from the list and open the Properties tab.
  •   Click the Printing Shortcuts option and set the appropriate print settings. Make necessary changes like paper size, quality and other aspects to get the best print.
  •   Click on Apply and finally click on Print and wait till the envelope gets printed. printer guide