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How to Print Double Sided on HP Officejet 4650?

About HP OJ4650 Print – Performing printing from the HP Officejet 4650 printer is a piece of cake for the users if they follow the set of instructions displayed in the following passages. Printing can be done in both wired and wireless ways. If you are printing many documents, you can perform double-sided printing to save paper. Here, Provide the Instructions for How to Print Double Sided on HP Officejet 4650. If you are printing a single page, then you can perform 1-sided printing by setting the number of pages to be printed. You can also perform prints from the cloud services like Google Cloud Print. Log in and register to Google’s Cloud Print service and perform printing from anywhere on the globe.

How to Print Double Sided on HP Officejet 4650

How to Print on HP Officejet 4650 Printer?

How to Print Single-Side on HP Officejet 4650?

  1.   Single-sided printing is mostly used while printing specific documents or a picture.
  2.   Follow these instructions to print a single-sided page on your HP Officejet 4650 printer.
  3.   “Open” the document you want to print. Click on the “File menu”.
  4.   “Choose” the Print option from the options.
  5.   Press “Ctrl and P” buttons at the same time instead of the above step to open the Print page.
  6.   “Select” your printer in the next window.
  7.   Under the “Number of Pages menu”, enter the value as 1.
  8.   Set your print settings by modifying the print orientation and other options.
  9.   “Click” the Print button to load the print job into the printer queue.
  10.   “Wait” untill the process gets completed.
  11.   Follow the exact procedure for printing photos on your HP printer.
  12.   If you are printing more than a page, follow the succeeding topic to print on both the sides of the page.

How to Print Double Sided on HP Officejet 4650?

  1.   Go to Devices and Printers and “choose” Printer Properties.
  2.   “Set” the Duplex Unit as Installed under the “Device Settings tab”.
  3.   “Make sure” you are the admin or you have the admin credentials to perform these functions.
  4.   Try installing “new driver” into the system to enable this feature.
  5.   “Open” the document using a document-viewing application.
  6.   Click on the File menu and then press Print.
  7.   “Choose” the name of the printer from the list.
  8.   “Click” on Printer Properties or Print Preview and click on Preferences. The next tab displays the printing options.
  9.   “Select” Print on Both sides, under the Printing Shortcut.
  10.   “Select” the option Print on Both Sides and click the binding or page flip option if available.
  11.   Check whether the duplex printing accessory is properly installed or not if duplex printing does not function.
  12.   Choose the System Preferences and click on Print and Fax.
  13.   Open the print queue. Clear the previously assigned tasks. printer guide