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How to Photocopy in HP Deskjet 3635?

The copy function that is performed by the multi-functional printer is very much similar to the scanning operation. You can photocopy a document in the hp deskjet 3635 printer using the copy buttons, or from the text or touch-based operation panels. You can place the file on the scanner glass or ADF, depending upon the printer’s specifications. Learn Instructions for How to Photocopy in HP Deskjet 3635 Printer.

Quick Steps for HP DJ3635 Photocopy

  1.   “Load” the document on the ADF tray or scanner glass.
  2.   Tap the “Copy button” on the operation panel of the printer.
  3.   Change the available basic settings as per your necessity.
  4.   Touch the Settings or Gear Icon to see the Advanced copy settings.
  5.   Browse through the menu to access all the features.
  6.   Tap the Collate option to make many copies.
  7.   Touch Start to go back to the main screen.
  8.   Tap the Start Black or Start Color to start the Copy function.
How to Photocopy in HP Deskjet 3635

How to Photocopy in HP Deskjet 3635 Printer?

  •   Printers with copy buttons: Insert the photo or plain paper in the main input tray. For printers with Automatic Document Feeder: Load the stack of paper according to the paper width guides, and push the paper until the printer shows that the placed paper is detected.
  •   Scanner glass: Lift the scanner lid, and keep the document with the printed side facing downwards that is in accordance with the paper width guides.
  •   Lower the scanner lid. If you have inserted the document in the ADF, it should face upwards. Load the picture or paper down if a mobile printer is used. While carrying out the copy job, ascertain you do not insert originals that are too thick.
  •   Press the Start Copy Color or the Start Copy Black button. If the user needs to change the number of copies, tap the Start Copy Black or the Color button multiple times. The printer initiates the copy function.
  •   Touch or text-based control panels: Place the document on the ADF or scanner glass, depending upon the type of your HP printer, and what specifications it supports.
  •   Tap the Copy button, Copy Document or the Copy Photo on the control panel of the printer. Alter the basic settings for your copy job as per your necessity.
  •   Touch the Settings button or the Gear icon to access all the advanced copy settings. Browse through the menu if you want to access all the features.
  •   Tap Start and then press the OK, Start Color or Start Black button to begin the copy operation.
  •   Two-sided copy: Click Copy and select Settings or locate the 2-Sided Copy menu on the printer’s panel.
  •   Select On and tap the menu, a list of various copy options appear on the screen. To perform copying, use the 2-sided or 1-2 sided Copy option. Above, We Provide Easy Guidance for How to Photocopy in HP Deskjet 3635 Printer. printer guide