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How to Install Laserjet Pro m203dw Printer

About HP LJPRO m203dw printer:

The very first step that should be done after purchasing the printer is to set it up. It involves the process of unboxing the printer, building the power connection, loading the paper into the input tray, and installing the cartridges. The printer can perform operations like copying, printing, and faxing operations. Operations like sharing of documents can also be performed.Below We provide the Simple Instructions for How to Install Laserjet Pro m203dw Printer.

Simple Steps for Print Envelopes

  1.   “Keep” the printer on a location which is easy for your access.
  2.   Remove all the packing materials that surround the printer.
  3.   The scanner lid should be opened in order to discard the sheet on it.
  4.   “Pull” the ink cartridge access door to remove the packing materials present in it.
  5.   Plug-in all the connections perfectly.
  6.   “Connect” your printer setup to power up.
  7.   Install the power cord to the rear of your printer.
  8.   Turn ON the power source to power up your printer.
How to Install Laserjet Pro m203dw Printer

Detailed Solution for HP Laserjet Pro m203dw First Time Installation

  •   Take the printer out of the box. Remove the stickers, tapes, and other packaging materials from the printer. The printer’s contents vary by region or country. The toner cartridge will be pre-installed on your printer.
  •   You don’t have to remove the toner cartridge present on your printer. The packaging materials have to be recycled. Load paper into the tray by doing the below-given steps.
  •    The main input tray should be lowered, and the paper width guides should be slided as far as possible. Up to 250 sheets of paper should be loaded in a way that the print side is facing up and the top edge towards the printer.
  •   Slide the paper guides until they reach the edge of the stack of paper. If you have loaded US or A4 letter size paper, then close the main input tray door.
  •   Switch ON the printer after plugging it into a wall outlet. One end of the power cord should be connected to the rear of the printer, and the other end of the power wire should be connected to the electrical outlet.
  •   Switch the printer ON. The printer calibrates itself after the initialization. Wait until your printer is silent and idle before you continue.
  •   You can now install the printer software as the HP printer hardware setup is finished.
  •   Drivers can be downloaded from our website. The link should be clicked to initiate the download process. The driver version and file size differ according to the version of the operating system. Use the updated driver to avoid system problems and to get the latest features.
  •   After the download of drivers, click on the link to install them. If you need any clarifications, refer to the manual on our website.
  •   Above Our Experts are Provide the Easy Guidance for How to Install Laserjet Pro m203dw Printer. In case of issues, contact our experts. printer guide