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How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printer?

what ink cartridge for hp officejet pro 6978

An ink cartridge consists of ink which is used to print documents, files, images etc. Without the help of the cartridge, the printer cannot print. Each printer has a separate cartridge. There are two cartridges present, Black ink cartridge and the tri-color cartridge. Both cartridges have separate slots in the printer. The black cartridge prints in black color only and the tri-color cartridge contains cyan, magenta, yellow and can print in colors. HP genuine ink cartridges should only be used. Using duplicate cartridges might lead to the malfunctioning of the printer. When the ink level is low, then the ink cartridge has to be replaced. The HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer uses the original HP 902 black cartridge and HP 902 cyan, HP 902 magenta, HP 902 yellow cartridges. High yield HP 902XL black cartridge and HP 902 XL cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges can also be used. Learn How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet Pro 6978 PrinterHere.

Quick Steps for HP OJPRO 6978 Cartridge Installation

How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet Pro 6978
  1.   Unpack the ink cartridge from its package.
  2.   Extend the output tray and open the cartridge access door.
  3.   Remove the blue tapes and the cardboard piece present inside.
  4.   Wait till the cartridges slide to one side of the printer.
  5.   Discard the orange tapes present on top of the cartridge.
  6.   Check the label color before installing the cartridge.
  7.   Interchanging of cartridges will lead to printing issues.
  8.   Insert the cartridges into the respective slots and press firmly till it clicks into place.

How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet Pro 6978?

  •   Installing the ink cartridges is simple if the guidelines are followed properly.
  •   Usage of genuine HP ink cartridges is advisable. In case of printing with a duplicate cartridge, the printer might exhibit errors.
  •   Unwrap the ink cartridge from its cover. Check for any leaks in the cartridges. If there is a leakage issue, send the cartridge to the manufacturer.
  •   Unlock the cartridge access door to insert the cartridges in their place. The slot of the black cartridge is indicated with a black dot and the tri-color slot is indicated with a colored dot.
  •   Remove the orange tape present on the cartridge to avoid jamming issues. A cap is present on both the cartridges to secure them from leakage or drying up.
  •   Discard the cap and keep it aside for future use. The cap can be to store the cartridge when it is not of any use.
  •   Closing the cartridge with the cap will prevent the ink from getting dried up and it can be used after few days without any issue.
  •   Store the cartridge in a cool and well-ventilated place. It should not be placed under direct sunlight.
  •   Bend the small tab available on the ink cartridge before installing them in their slot. Do not bend more than an extent.
  •   Slide the ink cartridge into its slot in a slightly inclined position so that the cartridge fits properly into the respective position. The How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet Pro 6978 Process not Finished Successfully Call Our Toll-Free. printer guide