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How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 4650?

What Kind of Ink does an HP Officejet 4650 Use?

HP Officejet 4650 is an ink-jet printer that prints both black and color documents. It operates on Thermal ink-jet technology. Ink cartridges deliver the ink on papers through two methods. They are On-axis and Off-axis delivery methods. In On-axis ink delivery system, the ink delivery system positions the ink supplies directly above the printheads. The ink is stored in separate containers or containers that are integrated with the printheads. The Off-axis delivery system supplies large amount of ink to the cartridges. Each ink cartridge is connected to the printhead by a tube that is protected with multiple layers to allow the ink to flow smoothly. A pressurization system pushes ink into the printhead through the tube. After Cartridge list, Learn How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 4650 Printer. The List of Ink Cartridges:

  •   HP 664 Black
  •   HP 664XL Black
  •   HP 664 Tricolor
  •   HP 664XL Tricolor

Quick Steps for Ink Cartridge Install in HP OJ4650

  1.   “Link” the printer to a power supply and turn it on.
  2.   Unlock the ink cartridge access door and open it.
  3.   Take the black and tricolor ink cartridges out of their package.
  4.   “Pull” the orange-colored “peel-off tab” to detach it from the cartridge.
  5.   Don’t touch the copper-colored contacts on the cartridge.
  6.   “Hold” the cartridges by their sides and take them.
  7.   “Insert” them into the designated ink slots without touching the printheads.
  8.   Close the “slot covers”, access door, and start printing.
How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 4650

How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 4650?

  •   When you unpack the printer from the box, check whether the ink cartridges are delivered without any damage.
  •   If there are leaks from the cartridge or if the cartridge is damaged, replace them. Ensure that the ink cartridges delivered are compatible with your printer.
  •   Connect the printer to a reliable power supply and turn it on. Remove the pin on the cartridge access panel at the front of the printer.
  •   Open the access panel and idle until the carriage moves from its left to right and turns idle. Lift the ink slot covers and take the black ink cartridge out of its packing.
  •   Pull the peel-off tab to remove it from the cartridge. Hold the cartridge on the plastic region and do not touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles.
  •   Insert the black cartridge into the respective ink slot. Ensure that it locks in its position. Now, take the tricolor cartridge from its packing.
  •   Hold it by the sides and repeat the same procedure for installing it into the designated ink slot until it locks in its position.
  •   Close the slot covers and then the cartridge access panel. The printer displays a message stating Genuine Ink Cartridges installed.
  •   The printer then prints an alignment page. Check the ink flow and printhead alignment on this page. If the alignment page fails to print, restart the printer.
  •   Load a paper into the input tray and tap the Print icon. A test page prints and How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 4650 Guidance is complete. printer guide