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How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 3830 Printer?

Ink is commonly used in the inkjet printers. It is a liquid that is mixed with pigments of colors or dye. The ink present in the cartridges flow equally through the tiny nozzles and gets deposited onto the paper. Ink is used for producing a text or image. Using the original HP ink cartridges, you can make printing faster without affecting its quality. The user can save time and receive notifications when the cartridges are running low. The compatible cartridges increase the reliability and deliver print documents that last for a longer duration of time. Learn below how to install ink cartridge in hp officejet 3830 printer.

What Kind of Ink Does HP Officejet 3830 Use?

  •   HP 69 Black original ink cartridge provides a page yield of 190 pages.
  •   HP 69 Tri-colored original ink cartridge gives an average yield of 16 pages.
  •   HP 69 XL Black high yield cartridge offers a paper yield of 480 pages.
  •   HP 69 XL Tri-colored high yield ink cartridge delivers an average yield of 330 pages.

Quick Steps for 123 HP OJ 3830 Ink Cartridge Installation

  1.   Raise the cartridge access door.
  2.   “Push” the door until it locks into place. Wait for the carriage to remain idle.
  3.   Remove the protective tapes present in the carriage area.
  4.   Take the “cartridge” from its package.
  5.   “Pull the orange tab straight backward”. Hold the cartridge by its sides.
  6.   Twist the protective cap in the anti-clockwise to snap it off the cartridge.
  7.   Turn the cartridge so that the contacts face downwards.
  8.   Place the cartridge into its slot and close the access door.
How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 3830 Printer

How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Officejet 3830 Printer?

  1.   Open the exterior door of the printer. Keep your hands on either sides of the cartridge access door and lift it until it reaches into place.
  2.   The printer carriage moves to the replacement area of the printer. Make sure that the printer does not produce any noise.
  3.   While installing the ink cartridges make sure you use the cartridges that are genuine and compatible with the model of your printer.
  4.   It is recommended to use cartridges that are shipped along with the printer. Take one of the cartridges from its packing.
  5.   Ensure you touch only the black plastic present on the cartridge. Discard the tapes.
  6.   Make sure you do not touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles, as handling these parts may result in ink failure, clogs, or bad electrical connections.
  7.   Place the ink cartridge at a slight upward angle into the empty slot. Push the cartridge gently until it gets seated firmly. Insert the tri-colored cartridge in the left slot.
  8.   Keep the black colored cartridge in the right slot. Repeat the steps that are mentioned above to install all the other cartridges. Lower the cartridge access door and close the exterior door.
  9.   After inserting the cartridges, tap OK on the printer’s panel to print an alignment page.
  10.   Raise the scanner lid, place the page with the printed side down on the scanner glass and align it according to the engraved guides. Close the lid, tap OK to scan the page and to complete the cartridge alignment process. printer guide