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How to Install HP Laserjet Pro 400 color m451dw Printer?

About HP LJPRO m451dw Printer

The HP Laserjet Pro 400 color M451dw printer produces professional quality printouts with ease. Use this printer for office and home network. The flexible network connections are wired or wireless. The printer is compatible with Automatic printing that conserves paper and time. Use the HP Wireless direct feature to perform print jobs quickly without a network. Use the Auto On/Off technology to save energy whenever required. The other technology used to conserve energy is Instant-On technology. This helps you start print jobs even if the power mode is low. It is easy to connect your printer and system to a network with the help of the HP Auto Wireless Connet feature. The printer uses two types of cartridges- black and color. Print a number of pages when compared to normal cartridges. It is an energy star certified printer that conserves power up to 50%. Learn How to Install HP Laserjet pro 400 color m451dw below.

    Quick Steps for Printer Installation

  1.   Open the printer’s carton to take the device out of it.
  2.   “Take” all the packing materials surrounding the printer.
  3.   “Take” the power cable out of the printer.
  4.   “Connect” the cable between the printer’s rear and electrical outlet.
  5.   Switch ON the printer by gently pressing the Power button.
  6.   “Insert” the “toner cartridges” into their slots until they snap into place.
  7.   “Mount” a stack of papers into the main tray.
  8.   Install the printer driver using the software installation CD.
How to Install HP Laserjet Pro 400 color m451dw

Detailed Guidance for How to Install HP Laserjet Pro 400 color m451dw Printer

  •   Are you purchasing the HP Laserjet Pro 400 color m451dw printer? Set up the printer using the steps mentioned below. Open the printer’s shipment box to take the printer out.
  •   “Remov”e all the packing materials from the box. The contents in the box are a USB cable, power cable, toner cartridges, user manual, software installation CD, and warranty card.
  •   “Take” the power cable out of the printer. Attach one end of the cable to the printer’s rear and the other end to an electrical socket. Look for the Power button and then press it to turn on the printer.
  •   Access the Tray 1 and its extension. It is necessary to load sheets of paper into the tray. Adjust the paper width guides into the edges of the paper. Insert paper with the printed side facing upwards.
  •   If you are using tray 2, drag the tray and its extension from the printer. Move the length and width guides to their farthest positions. This tray is used to load legal-size paper.
  •   You need to press and hold the tab while pulling the front tray. Install toner cartridges into their respective slots. After a while, check if the printer prints an alignment page.
  •   Use the software installation CD in the box. Install the driver by using the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  •   Choose the type of connection as USB. Associate one end of the cable with the printer’s USB port and other end to system’s USB port. Look for the printer’s name in the list of available devices. In Above we Provide the Detailed Guidance for How to Install HP Laserjet Pro 400 color m451dw Printer, etc… printer guide