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How to Install HP Laserjet 1020 in Ubuntu?

Steps on how to install hp laserjet 1020 in ubuntu is given here. The HP printer driver cannot be installed in ubuntu as you install it in windows, because the ubuntu OS is distinct from windows. There is different method but an simple one using which you can install the HP laserjet 1020 in ubuntu. Follow the forthcoming guidelines.

Quick Steps for LJ1020 Install on Ubuntu

  1.   Installing HP laserjet 1020 in ubuntu can be done in two ways.
  2.   “Open the terminal” and key in a few commands specified to install the drivers.
  3.   Power ON the printer towards the end of the installation.
  4.   “Download” HP Linux Imaging and Printing on your computer.
  5.   Make sure you install the latest version on the software.
  6.   “Check” if your version of ubuntu supports this.
  7.   Run few commands to install it successfully.
  8.   “Go to” Dash Activities Overview and setup HPLIP on your system.
How to Install HP Laserjet 1020 in Ubuntu

How to Install HP Laserjet 1020 in Ubuntu?

  •   Installation and usage of HP printer in your computer is very simple.
  •   Open Terminal. The Terminal is an application that has its ery own programming language for writing shell scripts. It supports a set of commands.
  •   Type the following code or command to install the HP printer. Sudo apt-get install cupsys-bsd foo2zjs make build-essential Wget Tar zxvf foo2zjs-patched.tar.gz
    Cd foo2zjs
    Sudo make install
    Sudo make install-udev
    Sudo udevstart
  •   Turn on your printer and the updated version of the firmware will be installed. Then, type:
  •   Sudo/etc/init.d/cupsys restart. The driver will now be successfully installed on your computer.
  •   Install HP printer driver in ubuntu by downloading the HP Linux Imaging and Printing driver package. It will work only on the latest version of ubuntu. Installing HPLIP can make the printer drivers available for the printer to work. The current version of the software package is 3.17.11.
  •   Search windows for Run and open it. After the run window opens, type the following commands. Cd/tmp&&wget run
  •   Key in: Sh The installation wizard opens up and it will help you install the driver. Type Y to initiate the installation.
  •   Type A to select the Automatic Installation mode. This mode will install the driver packages automatically without any manual help.
  •   Selection of Custom mode will allow you to choose an installation option of your choice. But it is better to select Automatic mode. Wait for few minutes till the installation completes. When the prompt to install dependencies comes up, key in Y. printer guide