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How to Fax with HP Officejet 4630 Printer

When you setup Fax on your printer, the documents can be sent from one fax machine to another. Mostly faxing requires a traditional landline telephone service. Sending documents to another device is more secure with faxing compared to postal mail or email. This fax machine comes with the Super G# compatibility. The fax can be transmitted at a maximum speed of 33.6 kbps. This printer supports a total memory capacity of 99 pages. It is capable of faxing the documents at a resolution of up to 300 X 300 dpi. It supports PC Faxing. Refer to the instructions on this page to complete the How to Fax with HP Officejet 4630 Setup.

HP OJ3830 Fax Requirements:

  •   Get a telephone cord from the printer’s box. Use a cord with connectors having two wire leads, not four if the original cord is not available.
  •   The phone cord’s one end should be connected to the phone wall jack.
  •   The other end of the phone cord should be connected to the 1-LINE jack on the printer’s back.
  •   Set up the Preferences and fax settings. The fax setup tools are available with the HP software.
  •   If not, alter the settings using the Fax or Setup from the printer’s control panel.
  •   After making all the required changes, run a fax test to see if the fax setup is successful.

How to Send a Standard Fax using Computer?

  1.   How to Fax with HP Officejet 4630 Printer Support – Use a Windows computer and the HP Software to send and receive faxes.
  2.   “Open” the document to send faxes from the document Print menu.
  3.   “Click on File”, choose the Print option, and select the Printer option.
  4.   Choose the printer that includes Fax in the name.
  5.   “Click Print” to open the Send Fax window.
  6.   “Type” the fax number and “make settings” and preferences alterations here.
  7.   “Follow these steps” to send the faxes from the HP Software.
  8.   Search Windows for your printer model name and number.
  9.   Click the name in the search results.
  10.   Click the name in the search results.
  11.   Tap Home -> Send a Fax -> Send Fax when the HP Solution Center opens.
How to Fax with HP Officejet 4630 Printer

How to Send a Fax over a Phone?

How to send fax from android
  •   Fax the documents from your Phone using the VoIP Internet telephone service.
  •   Depending on the sound quality of the phone system and the service provider, it can be used.
  •   Compared to a standard phone line, the chances of a data being lost over the Internet (lost packets) is much higher.
  •   Enable error correction mode (ECM) for the greatest chance of success.
  •   Set the fax transmission speed to the slowest setting.
  •   Set up your fax for VoIP using an analog telephone adapter (ATA). The ATA converts the analog telephone signals to digital systems. ATA can be obtained from an electronics retailer.
  •   Connect your hardware using the steps in the ATA user guide.

How to Get Backup Fax using Printer Control Panel?

To set up a backup fax reception from the control panel of your printer, follow the steps provided below.

  •   Locate the Setup option on the control panel of the printer and press it.
  •   Choose the Advance Fax Setup option.
  •   Then locate the Backup Fax Reception option on the screen and choose it.
  •   You will find both the left and right arrow button. Press the right arrow button to choose Off, On, or On Error Only.
  •    After finishing all the above steps, click on the Ok button. The Fax backup is now setup from the control panel screen of the printer. Learn, How to Fax with HP Officejet 4630 Printer above of the Page. printer guide