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How to Fax from HP Officejet 4650 Printer?

To enjoy faxing, first you should set up the printer. Faxing is a process of transmitting a scanned document using a telephone line to the number that is associated with the printer. A common fax setup includes a DSL modem and a telephone as an answering machine. Connect the telephone to the network line and associate to the Officejet printer. The document to be faxed is scanned and converted as an electrical signal to transmit and reconverted using the modem. Refer to the instructions on this page to complete the How to Fax from HP Officejet 4650 Setup.

How to Send a Standard Fax using Computer?

  1.   Open the document you intend to fax using any application that you have downloaded on your computer.
  2.   Go to the File menu on the application and then click Print.
  3.   Choose the name of your printer which starts with the word Fax in the list displayed on the screen.
  4.   Change the settings like selecting the document to be sent as a black or color fax.
  5.   Open the Properties Dialog box. The option related to open the dialog box vary depending on the software of your computer.
  6.   Click OK after configuring the fax settings.
  7.   Tap Print or OK.Tap Print or OK.
  8.   Dial the fax number and click Send Fax.
How to Fax from HP Officejet 4650 Printer

How to Send a Fax over a Phone?

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Quick Steps for Fax Setup:

  1.   Place the scannable document into the document feeder by facing the print side upwards or print-side downwards on the scanner glass.
  2.   Enter the number using the keyboard on the phone that is associated with the printer.
  3.   Notify the recipient that they should receive the fax on the printer when the fax tone rings.
  4.   The receiving printer sends the fax tone after getting the notification.
  5.   Touch the Fax option on the control panel of the printer.
  6.   Tap on Send Fax. When the printer starts to print, choose either Black or Color option and start sending a fax over a phone.

How to Get Backup Fax using Printer Control Panel?

  •   Place the original document in the document feeder or scanner glass of the Officejet printer. Face the print side upwards into the document feeder and downwards on the scanner glass.
  •   Tap on the Fax option on the control panel of the printer.
  •   Select Send Now and choose either Black or Color.
  •   Touch on Enter Fax Number or Phone Book icon.
  •   Dial the fax number utilizing the keypad on the screen. Select the phone book contact or number you dialed earlier or received number.
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