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How to Connect HP Officejet 4650 to Computer?

HP OfficeJet 4650 is a wireless printer with built-in Wi-Fi. The printer has mobile printing capability which enables the printer to connect to any mobile device through the HP ePrint application, Smart application or AirPrint application. The easiest way setting up a connection is using a USB cable. Below We Provide the Simple Instructions for How to Connect HP Officejet 4650 to Computer.

Quick Steps for HP OJ4650 Connection to computer

  1.   Make sure you have completed the printer’s hardware setup.
  2.   Power up your computer and the HP printer.
  3.   “Unplug” any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer.
  4.   “Install” the printer driver either from the installation CD supplied along with the printer or download it by clicking the link provided below.
  5.   Run the setup files and follow the prompts on the installer.
  6.   Choose the USB connection type when prompted by the installer.
  7.   Connect the printer to your computer via a USB cable.
  8.   Try to print.
How to Connect HP Officejet 4650 to Computer

HP Officejet 4650 Unboxing & First-Time Installation Guidance

  •   How to Connect HP Officejet 4650 to Computer Detailed Steps are following: Unpack the packaging material on the printer. Lift the scanner lid and remove any cover on the glass. Make sure there is no safety material in the cartridge access area and paper input tray.
  •   Connect an end of the “power cord” to the printer’s rear and the “other end” to an electrical outlet. Press the Power button provided on the control panel to power up the printer. Set your preferences.
  •   “Draw” the paper input tray out and insert plain paper into the paper input tray.
  •   Pull the “cartridge access door” and wait until carriage moves to the access area. Peel off the yellow tapes on the cartridges without touching the nozzles.
  •   “Insert” the new ink cartridges into the carriage. Check if the cartridges are correctly seated and close the access door.
  •   If you have already connected the printer and your computer using a USB cable before installing the HP driver, open the Devices and Printers folder on your computer, select the printer’s name and remove the printer to ensure successful setup.
  •   “Insert” the installation CD into the computer. If you do not have a CD or the driver is incompatible with your computer’s OS, carry out the steps below to download the driver from our website 4650.
  •   Click on the link provided below and type the printer’s model in the required field. Click Download against the latest version of the HP Officejet 4650 Driver.
  •   Extract the files to your computer. “Run the setup file” by giving a double-click on the .exe file. Agree to the conditions of the installer. Select the purpose of installation if prompted.
  •   Choose the ‘USB’ connection type when prompted. Connect the printer and your computer using a USB cable. The computer will detect the printer and connect to it. printer guide