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How to Connect HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Printer?

About HP LJPRO 400 m451nw Printer

The HP Laserjet Pro 400 M451nw printer can print up to 21 pages per minute in both black and color. To save money and time, you can use the automatic two-sided printing function. You can share the resources as this printer features built-in wireless connectivity for cable-free convenience. With this printer, you can achieve a maximum volume of up to 40,000 pages. It provides a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. This has a versatile 250-sheet paper tray, you can load both the letter and legal-size paper with the help of a 50-sheet multipurpose tray. The automatic on/off technology helps you save energy. With USB 2.0, you can enable high-speed local connectivity. This printer follows all the federal guidelines for energy efficiency. It can easily be connected to your home or office network and with the HP ePrint technology, you can virtually print from anywhere. How to Connect HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Printer Guidance Provided Below…

    Quick Steps for Printer Guidance

  1.   Remove the package materials and take out the printer.
  2.   “Take out” the orange protective covers, “open” the front door, and slide out the “toner cartridge tray”.
  3.   Remove the orange ring on the toner cartridge carefully and repeat the same for other cartridges also.
  4.   Slide in the toner cartridge and close the front door.
  5.   “Open” the back door, remove sealing tapes and close it.
  6.   “Slide” the paper tray out and load a Stack of paper in it.
  7.   “Plug” the Printer’s power cord to the electrical socket.
  8.   Connect to the network and download driver.
How to Connect HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw

Quick Steps for How to Connect HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw Printer

  •   Unbox the printer. Remove the packaging materials and take the printer out.
  •   “Remove” the sealing tape and open the front door. The cartridge access door should be opened and the sealing tape needs to be removed from the toner cartridges.
  •   “Slide” the cartridge access door and close the front door. Open the rear door of the printer and plug the printer’s power cord to an electrical outlet.
  •   “Press” the power button and turn on the printer. Before setting up a network connection, obtain the Wireless Network Name and security password.
  •   If you want to “connect” using a wireless network, tap the WPS button on the wireless router. “Press” the Wireless button for few seconds and release it when the light starts blinking.
  •   “Press” the Wireless button on the front of the printer. Click on the Control panel option and press OK. Open the Network Setup and Wireless Menu. Choose WPS Setup.
  •   Proceed with the instructions on the control panel after selecting the Pushbutton option to start the wireless connection. If wireless router doesn’t support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, use a USB cable to set up the network connection.
  •   Insert the driver software CD and open the driver software. Follow the on-screen instructions and select Connect through a Wireless Network when prompted.
  •   Connect the USB cable to the printer during the network setup, if prompted. Once the installation completes, disconnect the USB cable.
  •   If driver software is not available, download the latest version of driver software from HP’s site and install it. For More Details Related How to Connect HP Laserjet Pro 400 m451nw or Other Queries Contact Our Experts. printer guide