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How to Connect HP Deskjet 2652 Printer to wifi?

The printer can be connected to the wireless connection with the help of a router. Firstly, the router should be powered up, and you have to connect that network to the printer. Make sure that the printer connection is stable.

Quick Steps for Wifi Connection Setup

  1.   Turn on your computer and enter the login details using the keyboard.
  2.   Wait until the computer becomes silent and idle.
  3.   Go to the status bar of the computer.
  4.   Click it to view the list of connected networks.
  5.   Turn on the wireless feature in your computer and search for the nearby available networks in the computer.
  6.   Select your network from the list.
  7.   Click on the Connect option and enter the password.
  8.   Check the network name in the status bar.
How to Connect HP Deskjet 2652 Printer to wifi

How to Connect HP Deskjet 2652 Printer to wifi?

  •   Make sure that your power in your wireless router and keep it ready for the connection. The router should be capable of using a network of the bandwidth 2.2 GHz.
  •   Sometimes the printer won’t accept if the router is 5.1 GHz variant. Not all the printers are capable of connecting with that network.
  •   After confirming the technical aspects of the router, gather the network details of the printer like name and password. Note down the details of the printer correctly since the printer is encrypted with a password and that is case sensitive.
  •   Download the latest printer driver which suits your printer and your Operating System. Select the driver and click the Download button. Wait until the printer driver is downloaded entirely on your printer.
  •   If your net connection is slow, the download time also extends. The downloaded file is saved in the downloads folder of your computer. You can access the files later from that folder and begin the driver installation.
  •    The printer driver is installed to connect the printer to the computer. Double click on the setup.exe file and follow the on-screen prompts of the installer to complete the driver installation.
  •   When the installer prompts you to choose the type of connectivity, choose it and end the installation process. Do not forget to choose the type of connection as wireless.
  •   Immediately after choosing the type, the installer prompts you to enter the password that is required for the connection. Make sure that the caps lock on the cable is disabled before proceeding with the connection.
  •   Enter the passcode and click enter or connect. Once the connection is established, the printer connectivity light turns steady.
  •   The notification panel of the printer notifies you about the printer connection. If you have any doubt regarding the printer connection, test the printer connection by test printing a document. Above Provide the Detailed Instructions for how to connect hp deskjet 2652 printer to wifi, have any Queries Contact Our Experts. printer guide