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How to Change Ink on HP Officejet 4650 Setup

The HP Officejet 4650 Printer can copy, print, scan, and fax documents quickly. It supports wireless printing, AirPrint, and two-sided duplex printing. It offers mobile printing options such as ePrint and AirPrint that lets you print anything from anywhere using your SmartPhone or tablet. It also allows you to print even without a network using Wireless Direct printing. The 2-sided printing feature in this printer lets you to print the document on both sides. The documents printed with this printer contain laser quality text and brilliant color. Perform tasks effeciently with an all-in-one with fax. It is embedded with automatic document feeder and supports paper sizes such as 3×5 in to 8.5×14 in including letter, legal, 4×6 in, 5×7 in, and 8×10 in & No. 10 envelopes. Its maximum printing speed is 6.8 pages_per_minute for color documents and 9.5 pages_per_minute for black/white documents. The RAM size of this printer is 64 MB. Below We Provide the Simple Instructions for How to Change Ink on HP Officejet 4650 Printer.

Quick Steps for Change Ink Cartridge on OJ4650 Setup

  1.   Check whether the installed ink cartridge in the printer is empty.
  2.   Take the empty ink cartridge out and place it aside.
  3.   Open the new ink cartridge from the package.
  4.   Hold the ink cartridge and insert it into the slot.
  5.   Check if the inserted ink cartridge is fixed properly.
  6.   Close the cartridge access door and align the ink cartridges.
  7.   Aligning them improves the quality of the printed document.
  8.   Go with the steps below for more detailed instructions on replacing the ink cartridge.
How to Change Ink on HP Officejet 4650 Printer

How to Change Ink on HP Officejet 4650 Printer

  •   “Open” the cartridge door of your printer and check if one or both the ink cartridges need to be replaced. Proceed with the How to Change Ink on HP Officejet 4650 Steps Instructions.
  •   Press the “Power button” to switch on the printer and confirm that the paper tray is filled with enough media. Locate the handles of the printer and grasp them on both sides gently.
  •   “Raise” the ink cartridge access door and the carriage moves to the centre of the printer. Before you proceed to the process of replacing the ink cartridges, ensure the carriage is idle and silent.
  •   Raise the lid on the slot of the ink cartridge and release the ink cartridge. Push the lid back gently until it stops. Pull up the ink cartridge slowly and remove it.
  •   “Remove” the replaceable ink cartridge from its package and take the black plastic out from it. Holding the ink cartridge on both sides, insert it into the slot properly.
  •   To secure the ink cartridge into place, close the lid on the ink cartridge slot. If you need to replace the second cartridge also, then repeat the previous steps.
  •   After installing both the ink cartridges, close the ink cartridge access door. The alignment page will be automatically print by the printer after installing the new ink cartridges.
  •   Wait for some time until the alignment page ejects from the printer.
  •   Lift the scanner lid up and then place the alignment page on the scanner glass. Adjust it according to the engraved guides and close the scanner lid.
  •   Tap Ok and the printer aligns the ink cartridges. printer guide