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How to Change Ink Cartridge in HP Deskjet 2652?

HP DeskJet 2652 is an All-in-One wireless printer that can efficiently perform printing, scanning, and copying at high resolution. The printer supports almost all the versions of the Windows and Mac operating system. It is versatile in terms of media compatibility and has an input capacity of 60 sheets. The printer can be accessed from any network-connected mobile via mobile printing services such as Apple AirPrint. The use of Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology by the printer results in high-quality scanned data. It supports two ink cartridges” black and the other Tri-color”. The replacement cartridges for the printer are HP 65 Black Ink Cartridge, HP 65 Tri-color Ink Cartridge, HP 65XL Black Ink Cartridge, and HP 65XL Tri-color Ink Cartridge. The HP ink cartridge number varies depending on the region from which the printer was purchased. Load only genuine ink cartridges recommended by the manufacturer, as usage of third-party ink cartridges might affect print quality issues. Here, below we provide the instructions for How to Change Ink Cartridge in HP Deskjet 2652.

Quick Steps for Ink Cartridge Install

  1.   Power ON the printer and load paper into the paper input tray.
  2.   Lower the output tray and then the ink cartridge access door.
  3.   Wait for the carriage to move to the center.
  4.   Slightly press the empty or defective ink cartridge down and remove it from its slot.
  5.   Clear all protective material from the New Ink Cartridge.
  6.   Slide the new ink cartridge into the empty slot and close the access door.
  7.   Wait for the printer to print an alignment page.
  8.   Scan the alignment page.
How to Change Ink Cartridge in HP Deskjet 2652

How to Change Ink Cartridge in HP Deskjet 2652 Printer?

  •   Power ON the HP DeskJet 2652 printer and wait for the printer to finish warming up. Grasp the handles of the input tray and pull the tray outward. Slide the paper width guide to the extreme left of the input tray.
  •   Load a stack of plain paper into the tray and push the stack into the tray until it stops moving further. The paper should be compatible with the printer. Refer to the manual to know the media types supported by the printer.
  •   Now slide paper width guide to the right and make sure it rests at the edge of the paper holding it firmly. Lower the output tray and draw the tray extender out.
  •   Grasp the handles on cartridge access door and lower it. Wait for the carriage to move to the center. Once the carriage stops moving, slightly press the cartridge down to release it from its slot.
  •   Pull the cartridge out from the slot. Now peel off the protective tapes on the ink cartridges. Never touch the nozzles or the contacts, as touching these will cause clogging and print quality issues.
  •   Hold the sides of the ink cartridge and take it towards the printer. The contacts on the cartridge should face the printer. Insert the new ink cartridge into the empty slot.
  •   Push the ink cartridge into the slot until it fixes into a position. If you are replacing the color ink cartridge, insert the new color cartridge into the left slot.
  •   Insert the new black ink cartridge into the right slot if you are replacing the black ink cartridge. Close the access door and tap OK on the control panel.
  •   Wait for the printer to print a calibration page. Raise the scanner lid and place the calibration page with its print side down on the glass. Position the page such that it is aligned with the guides around the glass.
  •   Close the lid of the scanner and press the Start Copy Black button or the Start Copy Color button on the printer’s control panel. The printer will now align the replaced ink cartridges. Above We Provide the Detailed Guidance for How to Change Ink Cartridge in HP Deskjet 2652… printer guide