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How to Change HP Officejet 5746 Ink Cartridge?

What Ink Cartridge for HP Officejet 5746 Printer?

The HP OfficeJet 5746 printer uses the original HP ink cartridges for quality printing. You can buy the genuine cartridges that are compatible with your printer at the HP Store at a much affordable price. The ink cartridges for the OfficeJet 5746 printer comes in two yields. A “standard” “HP 62 ink cartridge”, which prints about 190 pages and available in both “black and tri-color”. There is “another higher yield 62XL ink cartridge”, which yields about 480 pages in both black and tri-color. Register your product at the HP Store by entering the details of the printer. The Instant Ink feature will keep track of the ink level on your printer and alert when you need to replace the cartridge. The HP Store will deliver the right product at the right time before the cartridges get entirely dried off and also the ink cartridges come with the standard manufacturer warranties. Below We Provide the Simple Instructions for How to Change HP Officejet 5746 Ink Cartridge.

Quick Steps for Replace Ink Cartridge on HP OJ5746

  1.   Power ON the printer by “pressing” the power button.
  2.   Open the printer’s cover and “wait” until the carriage stops.
  3.   Remove the “old cartridges” by gently pulling it out of its slot.
  4.   “Unpack” the new cartridges from the package.
  5.   “Remove” the orange tape covering the nozzle part.
  6.   “Make sure” not to touch the circuits with bare fingers.
  7.   Insert the cartridges into its slot by gently pushing it in.
  8.   Perform a test print to check if the ink is installed correctly.
How to Change HP Officejet 5746 Ink Cartridge

How to Change HP Officejet 5746 Ink Cartridge?

  •   Before you Perform How to Change HP Officejet 5746 Ink Cartridge Action, make sure the printer is on. If not “press” the power button and Switch ON the HP OfficeJet 5746 printer.
  •   “Open” the printer cover or lift up the cartridge access door and wait until the cradle of the carriage stops the movement and becomes silent and idle.
  •   “Press” the edge of the cartridge slightly down, this will release the ink cartridge from its slot. Remove both black and tri-color cartridges by sliding it out from the printer.
  •   If you are going to remove the working cartridge, use a cartridge protector to cover up the nozzle thus, preventing the ink from getting dried.
  •   Purchase the new ink cartridges from the HP Store or from the local retailers. Install the new HP cartridges by removing the protective tapes covering the nozzle part.
  •   Do not try to remove the copper strip and also do not touch the circuit part with bare hands.
  •   Hold the cartridges on either side and slide it into its slot. Push it further inside so that the cartridge gets locked to its position. In the same way, insert the other cartridge too.
  •   Register your printer to the HP Store’s Instant Ink system and receive genuine ink cartridges on time.
  •   The HP OfficeJet 5746 Printer uses HP 62 Black Original Ink Cartridge which yields up to 200 pages and the HP 62 Tri-color cartridge yields up to 165 pages.
  •   The HP original cartridges produce high-quality color prints and better performance throughout. printer guide