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How to Change Cartridge in HP Deskjet 4535?

Ink cartridges is the component that is needed to print or copy. It consists of the ink that is deposited on the paper during printing. The ink cartridges consists of ink reservoirs. For a HP printer, only genuine HP cartridges should be used to install and print. There are two types of cartridges that can be used in the printer, standard cartridge and the high yield cartridge. The HP 680 black and HP 680 tri-color cartridge is generally used. High yield cartridges HP 680XL black cartridge and HP 680XL cartridge can be used for higher yield. The difference between the regular and high yield cartridges are that the XL ink doubles the number of pages that can be printed when compared to the regular cartridges. They also vary in terms of price. The ink levels in the high yield cartridge is more than the amount of ink present in a regular cartridge.

Quick Steps for Ink Cartridge Install

  1.   Plug in the printer to the power source.
  2.   Switch ON the printer by long pressing the Power button.
  3.   Open the cartridge access door to replace the cartridges.
  4.   “Take out” the new cartridges carefully and keep it aside for recycling.
  5.   “Unpack” the new cartridge from its cover.
  6.   Remove the orange tape present on top of the cartridge.
  7.   Slide the new cartridge in its slot and press firmly till it clicks.
  8.   Shut off the cartridge access door and take a test print.
How to Change Cartridge in HP Deskjet 4535

How to Change Cartridge in HP Deskjet 4535 Printer?

  •   Check the ink levels of the cartridges or if there is any leakage before changing the ink cartridges.
  •   Look for the cartridge icon in the control panel of the printer. The ink levels will be indicated with the help of that icon.
  •   “Open” the HP Smart app in your device and select the name of your printer. Under Printer option, choose Supply Levels. The ink levels will be displayed on your screen.
  •   Ensure that there are no leakages. If there are any leakages, then the carriage has to cleaned and the cartridge has to be replaced with a new one. How to Change Cartridge in HP Deskjet 4535 Steps given below.
  •   “Open” the cartridge access door. Lift the cartridge slot’s lid by pulling it upwards. Wait till the carriage moves to one side and becomes silent.
  •   Remove the cartridges one by one carefully and check for leaks. If any, use a cotton swab dipped in water or use a damp cloth to clean the ink in the slot.
  •   “Unwrap” the new cartridges from its package. Verify if they are original HP cartridges. Installing duplicate cartridges will lead to the malfunctioning of the printer.
  •   Hold the ink cartridges by both the sides so that the nozzle is facing the printer. Insert the cartridge in its slot and press firmly until it clicks. Close the cartridge access door.
  •   Print the alignment page after replacing the cartridges. Insert the alignment page on the scanner glass.
  •   Close the lid and press Ok. If the alignment page printer properly, then the cartridges have been installed properly. printer guide