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How to Add HP Officejet 5746 Printer to Mac

The HP Officejet 5746 Printer is an All-in-One Printer which supports Wireless Direct printing, USB Printing and a memory card slot. The printer functions include copying, printing and faxing. It produces colored copies as well as the black and white copies. Officejet 5746 is used for its high print resolution and good print quality. The Printer comes with a black ink cartridge and a tri-color cartridge. Black ink cartridge prints up to 200 pages whereas the white ink cartridge prints up to 165 pages. The memory card compatibility is secure digital and flash drive. The supported media size are A4, A5 & A6; B5, C6, DL. This Officejet 5746 printer supports duplex printing. The print technology that printer uses is Thermal Inkjet printers. It supports both the Mac operating system and the Windows operating system. The Print speed for color prints are up to 8 ppm and for black prints it is 12 ppm. Below Provide the Instructions for How to add HP Officejet 5746 Printer to Mac OS.

Quick HP OJ5746 Unboxing Setup

  1.   Place the parcel on a steady place and unbox the printer from the parcel.
  2.   Remove all the “protective tapes” and cardboard from the printer.
  3.   “Pull” the input tray of your printer and “remove” the scotch tapes.
  4.   “Load” the input tray with unused plain sheets.
  5.   “Open” the ink cartridge access door, install the cartridges into the printer.
  6.   “Catch” hold of the “black plastic part” of your cartridge and remove the “orange cap” on it.
  7.   “Push” it carefully inside the printer.
  8.   “Close” the cartridge access door.
how to add hp officejet 5746 printer to mac

How to Add HP Officejet 5746 Printer to Mac

  •   After receiving the shipment place the parcel on a steady surface and unbox your HP Officejet 5746 printer.
  •   Remove all the scotch tapes and cardboard from the printer.
  •   Plugin the power cable to the direct power outlet and the other end to the rear of the printer. Now, turn On your HP Officejet 5746 printer. Set the preferences on your printer (country/region, language, etc.)
  •   Open the input tray of your printer and take off the protective tapes from it. Load a stack of unused printing sheets. Make sure the sheets are appropriate with the specifications of your printer.
  •   Access the ink cartridge door and install the ink cartridge. Catch hold of the black plastic part of the cartridge and take away the orange cap.
  •   Ensure that you do not make any contact with the nozzles and then push the cartridge into its place carefully until you hear a click sound. Repeat the same steps for your tri-color ink cartridge.
  •   Following Steps are Provide the Guidance for How to Add HP Officejet 5746 Printer to Mac Computer.
  •   You can connect the printer using the wired or wireless connection. If you are using the USB cable connect it to the 1 LINE port on the printer and to your Mac device.
  •   In case you connect your printer using a wireless connection, make sure your printer is connected to the home network and enter the passcode correctly to connect your printer. Your printer and the Mac system should use the same network connections.
  •   In order to start the printer functions, you will have to install the appropriate driver software for your Mac operating system. You can install the software even from the CD provided during the shipment, but the recent Mac device will not support the CD drive. You will have to copy the contents of the CD to another USB drive and install the compatible software.
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