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How to Add HP Envy 4520 Printer to Mac?

is hp envy 4520 an inkjet printer?

Yes, HP Envy 4520 is an inkjet printer. The printer can do all the essential print functions like copying, scanning, and printing. The printer can be set up quickly with the help of the Easy Setup feature which enables you to print rapidly by using your smartphone, tablet, and PC. The Wi-Fi direct facility in the printer allows you to print directly without connecting to a wireless network. You can even print in a silent environment without causing disruptions. Two-sided printing is one of the highlights of the HP Envy 4520 inkjet printer. It also comes with a 2.2-inch mono touchscreen interface. Below We Provide the Steps for How to Add HP Envy 4520 Printer to Mac.

how to add hp envy 4520 printer to mac

Quick Steps for HP Envy 4520 Printer Unboxing & Setting Up for Mac:

  1. Take the printer out of the box by cutting the protective tapes and place it on a hard flat surface. Make sure that the place is free from dust and it should be sophisticated. Set the printer box aside for recycling.
  2. Remove the protective tapes from the printer’s body. Peel off the film from the printer’s control panel to avoid the damage to the printer’s screen on a long run. Ensure that you remove the tapes from inside the printer.
  3. Take the power cord and insert the one end of it to the printer. Connect the other end to the power supply. Make sure that you do not connect it to a UPS or Power Strip which does not allow the printer to draw maximum power.
  4. Take a stack of paper and tap it on a flat surface to align it. Pull the input paper tray and slide the paper width guides outwards. Insert the paper and align them using the paper width guides. Insert the tray back to the printer.
  5. Turn on the printer and wait until it boots up completely. Select the initial settings like language, country or region, date and time. Enter the settings by using the on-screen keys on the control panel to complete this one-time setup.
  6. Take the cartridge out of the packet and remove the orange protective tapes from it. Do not touch the copper-colored contacts of the cartridge to avoid the malfunctions during the printer operation.
  7. Open the cartridge access door by using the side handles on the printer. Wait until the carriages rest and come to a stationary position. Insert the cartridge into the correct slot and close the access door.
  8. To print using the HP Envy 4520, you should connect it to your Mac computer. The set up the printer, turn on the printer and router. Wait until the router turns active entirely before initiating a connection.
  9. Go to the printer’s control panel and select the network settings of the printer. Scroll down and choose the Wireless Setup Wizard. It searches for the nearby available networks. Select your network and enter the network details to get connected.
  10. Download the printer driver from our website. Install the printer driver by following the on-screen instructions of the installer. Connect the printer and Mac to the same network . This is how to add hp envy 4520 printer to mac. printer guide