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A driver is a software that drives the printer to function properly. The printer drivers are usually designed and updated by the printer manufacturers. The driver for your printer can be downloaded from our website. The driver setup CD will also be provided along with the printer package from which the driver can be installed. Make sure the driver software is up-to-date and working.


Make sure that your mobile device supports near field communication (NFC). Download the HP ePrint app from the Google Play Store. On your mobile device, open the HP ePrint. Open the item that you want to print. Locate the NFC touch zone on the front of your printer. This will be indicated by the NFC icon. Place the mobile device near the NFC touch zone on the printer. Your printer will be displayed in the HP ePrint.


A User guide is a document that is intended to assist people regarding a particular system. Nowadays manuals are provided with every device you purchase. It makes your life easier as it has instructions on how to use the device, what the possible problems the device can incur, how to avoid it and how to solve it. If you misplace the User Manual, you can also download your Printer.

HP Deskjet 5821 Unboxing & Setting Up

First, open the printer box. Inside the box, you will find the setup poster, ink cartridges, user guide, power cord and your printer setup disc for both Windows and Mac. Remove any packaging material on top of the printer.

Steps for HP DJ5821 Unboxing & Setting Up:

  • Next, remove the printer out of the box. Set the box on its side and slide the printer out of the box. Remove the Styrofoam endcaps from the sides of the printer. Remove the plastic cover from around the printer.
  • Open the paper output tray and remove the tape. Remove all another tape from the outside of the printer. Make sure you open the cartridge access door and remove the last piece of the tape and cardboard from inside the printer.
  • Remove the twist tie from the power cord. Plug one end of the power cord in the rear of the printer and the other end into a wall outlet. Do not use a power strip as HP recommends you to plug directly into a wall outlet.
  • Close the cartridge access door and make sure that there are no packing materials under the scanner lid. Press the power button to turn on the printer and the printer will start to initialize. Wait for the printer to stop making noise.
  • Open the cartridge access door. Open the package containing the black ink cartridge. Make sure you remove the protective tab from the cartridge. Do not touch the copper-colored contacts. Insert the black cartridge into the right slot.
  • The contacts must face the back of the printer for a correct installation. Slide the cartridge into the slot and press it firmly until it clicks into place. Now, place the tri-color cartridge into the left slot. Close the cartridge access door.
  • Pull out the paper input tray. Adjust the paper guides all the way to the left. Align a stack of paper and load it into the input tray. Adjust the paper width guides. The printer will calibrate and an alignment page will print.
  • Scan the alignment page to complete the first-time printer setup. Install the driver software and then connect your printer and computer. The connection can be made either via USB or wireless. Try to print a test page.

Easy Guidance for HP DJ5821 Driver Installation

You need to download and install the driver software to start using your printer regardless of the type of connection between your printer and the computer. The driver can be installed from the installation CD.

  • Download the driver software from our website. Make sure you download the full feature driver to be able to make the most out of your printer. Click Drivers and Softwares.
  • Enter your printer’s model. Select your operating system and download the driver software. The downloaded file will be saved in the downloads folder on your computer.
  • Right-click the setup file, select Run and an installation wizard will open. On the installation window, choose HP Easy Scan and select Add Printer to add it to the list. Choose your printer and select Print Using and once again click Add.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.Choose the connection type as USB or wireless.
123 HP Deskjet 5821 Driver Installation
  • Connect the printer to your computer via USB when prompted during the installation.Once you have connected the printer to the computer.
  • Try to print a file using the printer to check if everything works properly. If the printer prints the file, your printer has been successfully setup.

How to Send Fax?

Make use of the fax feature to scan a document and send a facsimile of the same via a landline connection to any other fax- enabled device. By the end of the process you will get the printouts of the same document that you have sent. It is quite a good option to transfer legal or medical documents since it is highly secured.

HP Deskjet 5821 Setup Connection Support


  • In order to connect a computer and printer to your wireless network, the network’s password is required. You will be able to find the password from your router, if not you can obtain it from the computer that is already connected to your network.
  • Open Network Connections on your computer and select your network’s name. Select the option Status and then choose Wireless Properties. In the properties window, select the Security tab, and then click Show characters to see the wireless network password.
  • Select your printer’s name in the list of printer software installed in your system. Choose the option Tools in the top menu bar, select Device Setup & Software and then choose the option Convert a USB connected printer to wireless.
  • Follow the Installation wizard and complete the setup.Touch the HP ePrint option on your printer’s control panel. When there is a prompt to turn on Web Services, then turn it on. Try to print the information sheet to obtain the printer’s email address.
  • Attach the file that should be printed to the email and add the printer’s email address in the To field. Send the email and automatically the document will be printed. If your printer won’t print, then follow the below steps.
  • Check if you have changed the network password, then reconfigure your printer with the router settings. Check if your printer’s IP address has changed, then print the Wireless Network Test report.


  • Window:Open a browser and navigate to the driver download page, select the Software and Drivers tab. Enter your printer model in the search field and then click Find my product.
  • Choose your printer model from the results. Choose the correct operating system. If you want to change the operating system, then click Edit.
  • Choose your OS from the drop-down list and then click Update. Click the Download button under Driver Product Installation Software. Select Use HP Download and Install Assistant.
  • When you are prompted to choose a connection type, select the USB option and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect your printer. Try to print a test page to check the connectivity.
  • Mac:Power up your printer and make sure it is in the ready state. Connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port on the rear of the printer and the other end to the Mac computer.
  • In the Apple menu, choose System Preferences. Choose Printers and Scanners under the hardware section. Select your printer from the list of printers and scanners.
  • If your printer is not listed in the list of printers and scanners, then add your printer to the list. Click the plus sign and choose Add Printer or Scanner.
  • Choose the name of your printer in the pop-up menu and then click Add to add your printer to the list. Choose a connection type and select USB.

How to Print from Windows 10 Devices?

  • Make sure your mobile device is connected to a wireless network with an active Internet connection. Make sure your printer is connected to the Internet.
  • Press the HP ePrint icon on your printer’s control panel. If there is a prompt to turn on Web Services, then press Setup and follow the on-screen instructions to continue to the next step.
  • Press OK, if you are prompted to update the firmware. If there is a Web Services Summary screen that displays Web Services is already on, then click Print Info to obtain an information sheet.
  • The information page will contain information about the Web Service and your printer’s email address. If there is a delay in obtaining the information page, then turn off and turn on the Web Services.
  • Email the document that should be printed, to your printer. Your printer’s email address should be typed in the To field.
  • Type a subject in the subject line as a blank email subject line might lead to canceling of the print job by the HP ePrint server. Attach the document to the email and send the email.

HP Deskjet 5821 Duplex Printing Support


  • First, from your computer, click the Windows icon. Right-click the printer icon for your printer. Click Printing Preferences. If necessary, choose your printer from the list.
  • From the Printing Preferences window, click the Features tab. In the Paper Saving Options area, click drop-down list under Two-sided printing. Then click Automatically.
  • Click OK to apply the changes. First, one side of the page will be printed. Wait for the entire document to be printed. Remove the printed sheets.
  • Re-insert the printed sheets in the input tray. The second side will also be printed as the two-sided option is selected.


  • OS X installs printers using the Airprint driver, which might allow two-sided printing. HP print drivers are specifically designed for HP printers and have special two-sided printer settings.
  • Power on the printer and make sure your printer is connected to your Mac computer using a USB cable or through a wireless connection.
  • Enable the duplexer from the driver settings to create two-sided prints. Choose your printer from the list and then click Options and Supplies. Click the Options tab. Select the checkbox
  • Next to HP Two-Sided Printing Accessory Duplexer. If your printer supports duplexing and this option is not available, then duplexing is already enabled.

How to Print Photos from Mobile Devices?

123 HP dj5821 mobile printing
  • Open the Setup option on your printer’s control panel. Choose Wireless Setup Wizard and then follow the on-screen prompts to connect your printer.
  • Choose the document that needs to be printed and then click Print. Open the Apple menu, select System Preferences and then choose Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners.
  • If your printer’s name is listed, then remove and re-add the printer to confirm it is set up for AirPrint. If your printer’s name is not listed, then click the plus sign.
  • Choose the option Add Printer or Scanner and add your printer’s name. Open the photo you want to print and click the Print option. If you want to edit the document, click Settings.
  • Make changes to the color, contrast and brightness. You can also crop or modify the size of the image. Select the number of copies you want to print.
  • Once all the edits are completed, click print. Choose your printer from the list of available devices. The photo will be printed as per the settings requested.


On your Android device, go to Play Store and download the HP ePrint mobile app. After installation, register the app and then choose your printer to connect it to the mobile device. Create a new email and attach the document you want to print to this email. Enter text in the subject line and click Send. The 123 hp deskjet printer will automatically print the document.


Open Google Chrome on your computer. Click the menu icon, then click Settings from the drop-down menu. In the Settings window, scroll down and select Show Advanced settings. Scroll to Google Cloud Print and then click the Manage button. On the Devices screen, you will find all the printers that Google Cloud Print detects on the network. Choose your printer and print the document.


Turn on your printer and connect it to a wireless network. Connect your Apple device to the same wireless network. Choose the document you want to print and click Print. Select your 123 hp printer from the list of available devices and make the required edits. Click Print after modifying the document and the document will be printed according to the settings. Printer Troubleshooting Guidance

How to fix ePrint Issues?

  • Make sure to keep your printer turned on and connected to the internet at all times. Ensure that Web Services is turned on which is mandatory for ePrint operation. Web Services being turned on during the usage of ePrint services is compulsory.
  • Software updates such as the Firmware has to be constantly kept updated. These updates are rolled out by the manufacturer with the intent of helping you run your printer error-free. These updates are usually rolled out to prevent minor bugs from hampering your system.
  • Ensure that the lights on your control panel are not flashing as it usually means an error has occurred. ePrint allows you to print by sending an email to your printer.
  • The documents to be printed are added to CC and the printer’s email clearly mentioned in the To: field. Make sure to add a subject line to this email without which the email will be rejected by HP’s email screening. Ensure that the documents attached are not password protected, Digitally signed, or encrypted. These files are rejected by ePrint services.
  • ePrint allows a maximum of 10 attachments per email to be printed flawlessly. The minimum resolution of 100 pixel is kept in mind as lower resolution images are ignored due to lack of quality.
  • When using HP connected to manage your ePrint jobs, make sure that your ePrint history on HP is connected. This is important as the queuing of the documents to be printed can be possible only when this option is enabled.

How to fix Printer Offline Issues

  • This issue can be handled with the help of software such as the HP Print Scan and Doctor. Download and run this software on your computer. This is a Windows-only software and can be downloaded for free online.
  • Run this software and allow it to perform a scan. A list of errors plaguing the printer will be displayed. Oftentimes, to fix an issue the root cause needs to be identified and fixed. Follow the on-screen instructions to rectify the all the problems currently faced by the printer.
  • Offline issues could also be caused due to network connectivity. This is because of the wireless network connection not reaching the printer. Reconfigure the same.
  • Print a configuration report to obtain the URL for EWS. This URL is browsed and connectivity is verified. The same can also be done with a manual IP address.
  • Go to control panel and search for Printer and Devices. Open it and choose printer settings. You will be taken to a window that displays the list of available printer that is recognized by the computer. Your current printer needs to be set as default and the rest has to be removed.
  • The originally installed driver settings need to be applied to the printer at hand rather than one of the many printers that are not currently in use.
  • Change this setting by right clicking on your printer icon and opting for the same. To complete the setup, reset the printer and try printing.

How to Resolve Print Job Stuck in Queue?

  • Print jobs getting stuck could have various origins. To start with, check the power cords connected to your printer. There are chances the power cord is not connected.The switch is turned off or the voltage connector that the printer is connected to is having issues. Try restarting the printer.
  • If your printer stopped responding in the middle of a print session, there is a possibility that the printer has experienced network failure. This will disrupt the data being sent from the printer to the computer.
  • Recheck connectivity. The print jobs remain in the queue when the network connection fails and when they are back up again, printing commences. Check the print queue and if it has been paused, manually unpause it.
  • The printer that is set to the default printer will be the one to which all the print jobs are sent. Check if the default printer and the printer in use are one and the same.
  • Reset the printing software by reinstalling the printer driver and updating it. Most print issues should be rectified by now. In case the printer is still facing errors, check for paper jam issues.
  • Try printing from a different application as printing might get halted due to software corruption.
  • There are also chances that the file that is being attempted to print is not recognized by the print software. Try changing the format of the document to a format that is recognized by the printer.

How to fix Paper Jam Issues?

  • Paper jam is the result of paper getting stuck in the printer. Common places where it gets lodged are in the input paper tray, internal rollers, and the cartridge area. This can be usually prevented by simply pressing the Ok button on your printer’s control panel when the printer asks you to clean the print jam. Although, in most cases, it required manual intervention.
  • Begin with using both your hands to remove the paper that has been stuck in the printer. Gently pull the paper out of the rollers or from where it is stuck. Extend the output paper tray as keeping it closed will result in the output paper getting accumulated and ending up jamming the roller.
  • Restarting the printer might prove fruitful. This is done by turning the printer off and then on. Now keeping the printer turned on, the power cords are removed from the rear of the printer and from the wall socket. The connection is re-established after a waiting period of 60 seconds and the printer is attempted to print. Make sure to not connect the power cord to a spike buster or to a voltage stabilizer as they might interrupt the connection.
  • If the error signal is still persisting, open the cartridge access door. remove the power cord before doing so as this might result in electric shock. Avoid damaging the insides of the printer it is recommended to use a flashlight for better visibility. If any pieces of paper are found lodged inside, this is removed gently. For smaller pieces of paper, a tweeter is used.
  • When all the paper pieces have been removed, replace the existing papers in the input tray with fresh sheets or re-stack the sheets on a flat surface and drop it inside the paper tray. The paper is fanned to remove all the clumps. This is a common phenomenon when the environment is humid or very moist. This will cause the first few papers to form wrinkles and the edges get curled. This can be a disaster as the printer will be unable to pick a single sheet when this happens.
  • The printing environment is maintained in the optimum range to avoid issues as such. The paper that is used for printing is always preferred to be a genuine one as these paper which is usually produced by the manufacturer are best suited for your printer. printer guide