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To start any printer function and to get the best out of your printer, the appropriate driver should be installed on the computer with which you are working. Installing the newest version of the printer driver is the key to get best results. Check for update periodically to fix the printer issues. The driver differs for various operating system version.


Generally, a printer needs a set of software to be installed on the computer to which it is connected. You can either install the basic feature or full- featured driver. But installing the featured driver is advisable as it has a set of other in-built software. Pay attention when choosing correct software if you don’t want to experience the printer issue in later times.


A set of all instructions that help its user to setup printer. The information provided in this guidelines is quite enough for a buyer to start to work with User Guide. A few tips to enhance the quality and maintain the signal strength are also available in the user guides. The instructions on how to solve hardware and software issues are also available.

HP Deskjet 4535 Setup First-Time Installation

It is a set of instructions you have to perform to start working with your printer. All the steps starting from unboxing to driver and software installation come under the first- time printer setup.

Steps for HP DJ 4535 Setup Installation

  • Check the detailed instructions on what are the setting to be done once the printer arrives. All the tip- to- toe techniques that have to done to start working with your printer are available here. Follow the simple instructions provided below.
  • Unwrapping the printer and its accessories is the first step you have to do in setting up the printer. Generally, all parts of the printer are warped with packing materials to avoid physical damage at the time of delivery.
  • Take the printer out from the box, and unwind the plastic tapes and coverings present around it. Inside of the printer is also covered with packing materials. So open the access door and remove the cover from it.
  • A few printer models have a duplexer. If your printer has a duplexer, take it out from the box, and free it from the packing material. Keep the printer facing you and grab the duplexer by its sides and place it properly in slot.
  • A power cord will also be provided by the manufacturer. Take it out from the box, and link its one end to the printer and the other end to the AC power supply. Power on your printer and then proceed with the Continue option to save the changes.
  • Go to the pane where you can set the country / region and also set the Date and Time option. Once it is done, click on the Done option. Mount enough number of plain, US letter or A4 paper into the tray.
  • Installing the ink cartridges are the next steps you have to do in customizing your printer. Free the cartridge from packing tapes plastic materials. Make sure that you are placing the correct color in the slots,they are firmly placed.
  • After you assembled all hardware, search for the driver and software to download on the computer. The out-dated version of the driver might cause the printer issue. So check for the right and latest driver.

Easy Guidance for HP DJ4535 Driver Installation

The driver installation is nothing but selecting the appropriate driver and getting it installed on either Windows or Mac computer. The installation steps for both the operating system remains same expect the file format of them.

  • Hope you have gone through what is a driver. Now check this and know the step- wise instructions for driver installation. You can choose to install the driver either using an installation CD or downloading it from website.
  • Usually, the installation CD is provided by the manufacturer at the time of printer shipment. Take out the CD from the cover and place it on the disc drive.
  • Before placing it in the drive, make sure that no scratches are present.
  • If the CD is in damage, the installation cannot be successful. Launch it, run, and install the driver on your computer.
  • If you’d like to get the driver from our website, go to our website and enter the printer model number to which you are searching the driver, when instructed.
  • When you found the appropriate driver, choose Download, follow the prompts, and complete the installation using the instructions prompted on your screen.

How to Send Fax?

Make use of the fax feature to scan a document and send a facsimile of the same via a landline connection to any other fax- enabled device. By the end of the process you will get the printouts of the same document that you have sent. It is quite a good option to transfer legal or medical documents since it is highly secured.

HP Deskjet 4535 Wireless Setup Connection

  • Now- a – days the wireless connection mode has become most commonly used because of its reliability and robustness. Keeping that in mind, we have provided the instructions to set up your printer over the wireless network.
  • If you want your printer to maintain the maximum signal strength, place the devices like the printer, the wireless router, and the computer.
  • Make sure that the printer is connected to the network to the which the computer is connected. Check the wireless router’s documentation to know the network name and password.
  • This should be done in order to key in them, when prompted. Follow the prompts, establish and maintain the printer connection. Once the connection is made, add your printer to the computer and start printing.
  • To add the printer to the Windows computer, access the control panel, and choose the Windows icon.
  • Choose the View devices and printers option and then go on withe Devices and Printers.Right- click on the Add a printer to get your printer added to the list of available printers. Make you printer to install any drivers, if prompted.
  • To include your printer name to a Mac computer, tap on Apple menu.Choose System Preferences.Click on the Print & Scan option followed by tapping on the + icon located at the bottom of the list.
hp dj4535 wireless setup
  • Choose System Preferences.Click on the Print & Scan option followed by tapping on the + icon located at the bottom of the list.
  • Once the printer is added to the operating system of the computer, choose any program and start to print. By doing this, your printer will get appeared in the Printer selection menu.
  • If the printer is not recognized in the network, reboot the printer and check if it can detect your printer now. If not, follow the troubleshooting tips and establish the printer connection.

How to Print from Windows 10 OS?

  • Make use of the built- in printer solution to print from your Windows 10 mobile devices to any HP printers.
  • Print images, emails, webpages, or documents from your Windows tablet or phone using the instructions provided below.
  • Check if the printer connection is securely made, be it a wired or wireless mode. Check the cable you used to link the printer and the computer.
  • If you use the wireless connection mode, check if the activity light is on and steady. On your mobile device or tablets, access the Wi- Fi settings and affirm that you are linked to the network.
  • Access the application that has the document or image that you’d like to print. Click Print and from the print preview screen, choose your printer name, modify the settings, and then tap on Print.

HP DJ4535 Duplex Printing Support


  • Make use of the guidelines provided below to personalize your printer and get prints on both sides of the paper. Trail the successive steps and learn how to modify the settings and flip pages, liable to the printer type.
  • You can avoid page ordering issues to a certain extent provided you load enough amount of paper in the loading tray. Go to the folder, choose a file that you’d like to have a print out of.
  • Liable to the printer model the option differs like Printer Setup, Preferences, or Printer Properties, If the duplex option is not available for the articular printer model, click Print on Both Sides option.
  • If you find difficult find the printing shortcut tab or duplexing shortcut, select Layout, Feature tab, or Finishing,based on the tab prompts in your driver version.
  • Select the Duplexing option and choose the binding or page flip based on whether you want to read the document like booklet or tablet.
  • Go on with Ok and then Print. Remove the printed side from the output tray and affirm that the stack is placed properly on a flat surface.
  • Mount the printed side paper first into the main tray of the printer. The method you choose to feed the page is based on whether your printer has a front door input tray or rear load input tray.


  • Go through this section and customize your printer to print on both sides of the paper by modifying the configuration. Verify if the printer has an auto duplexer or the duplexing has to be made manually.
  • Feed enough paper in the loading tray of the printer and open the document which you want to take the printout of. Select File go on with by the Print and Show Details options.
  • Verify if you have a Two- sided selection box and proceed with the displayed instructions based on the loading format of the printer. Select Paper Handling option and go on with the Odd Only from the Pages to Print menu.
  • Once you have customized all necessary settings are modified, tap on Print. Take out the expelled sheet from the printer and place it again on it in order to print on the second size of the paper.
  • Confirm whether you want to print like a booklet or a tablet and load the document in the tray respectively. If you want the prints to be in booklet format, place the printed side down with the top edge down.
  • If you want to get the prints in the tablet format, keep the printed side down with the top edge up. Get back to the Print menu and click Even only.
  • Select the automatic option from the Page Order menu and tap on the Print option. For details, call our tech- support team and sort out the issue.

How to Print from Mobile Devices?

HP DJ4535 Mobile Printing
  • An ideal key of getting good quality photos is using the correct paper type and customizing the settings appropriately. Check if enough amount of paper is loaded in the tray.
  • Go to the print settings and edit the required options before you print a job. After choosing your printer name( from the list, click on the Open With option and then choose Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  • Tap Print or choose the file icon and then click on Print. Make use of advanced settings by accessing the Document Properties window.
  • Customize the Page orientation, Paper tray or source, Paper type, and more liable to your preference. Subsequently, click Ok and then Print.


ePrint is a mobile application that lets Android or Amazon fire device users to print easily. Get this app installed on any android device of the recent version and print to any ePrint enabled network printer. Use this app to print documents and photos by just sending them to a valid email account.


A mobile solution that lets you print all your documents and photos securely from any network- connected device to your printer. No special drivers or software is required to print from the Cloud. Register your printer to the Google account and follow the prompts to print from the place you are.


AirPrint is a mobile solution which is only for the iOS v 4.2 and later that lets you print on the go. Generally, the printers that comes after the year 2011 has this as the built- in feature. Certain requirements have to be satisfied to print using this feature. Establish the connection on your printer. Troubleshooting Guidance

HP Deskjet 4535 ePrint Support

  • The instructions in this section lets your bring back the printer to the normal condition and print from an email.
  • The printer stops functioning if the HP ePrint cancels a print job or shows an error message.
  • Power on the printer and check for any update. The printer must be in linked to the wireless connection if printing from the ePrint application to be successful.
  • After checking the connection, look if the Web Services option is enabled. It is must to keep the Web Service option active all the time to use the HP ePrint.
  • If the recipient email address is not properly entered or the subject line is left blank the issue might occur. Check for any ePrint email in the account you are trying to send.
  • Make sure that the attachments you have made obeys all the criteria provided. Try to send after excluding and including the attachments again.
  • Check the printer history and affirm that the print job you have assigned is in the Print history queue.
  • The items in the print history expire 30 days after they assign.

HP DJ4535 Printer Offline Support

  • If the signal between the printer, the computer, and the wireless router is not transferred properly, the printer might lose its connection.
  • As a result it prompts you an error message stating that the printer is in the offline mode. The instructions available in thie section gives you necessary idea to bring back the printer connection.
  • Any network related printer issue can be resolve by using the diagnosing tools. Search for the diagnosing tools which is suitable to your computer’s operating system and follow the prompts.
  • Make sure that the printer you are using is assigned as a default printer and the printer is not in the offline mode.
  • Boot up the printer and verify the connection status of the printer. After that, allow your printer to print.
  • Make sure that the port which you have chosen is correct and then proceed. Improper choosing of ports might lead to the printer issue.
  • Make sure that the printer firmware, software, and driver are up- to- date. Subsequently, try to connect the printer using a manual connection and try to print.

How to fix Print Job Stuck in Queue?

  • The printer might stop functioning if a print job is stuck in the Windows print queue. You can neither delete the print job nor prevent print job from printing.
  • No change in the printer condition is resulted by taping on the Cancel option. Delete all the assigned job and let your printer restart.
  • To do this, initially power off the printer and detach the power cord from the printer outlet. Save the work which your currently doing and tap on the Windows key.
  • Search for the Services option and then choose Services in the list of results.
  • Search your Print Spooler in the list of services, right- click on it, and tap on the Stop option.
  • Follow the prompts and delete the files printer inside the Printers folder.
  • Affirm that your printer has been plugged for atleast 60 seconds and then connect the power cord into a power outlet.
  • Power on the printer and the computer. Assign a sample print job to the printer and check if the job is done properly.
  • If not, you can install the correct diagnosing tools to resolve the printer issue.

How to fix Paper Jam Issue?

  • When the paper jam issue is occurred the printer fails to take the paper in and results in printer malfunction.
  • Not all the paper jam issue displayed are real. The printer might also show the paper jam issue even without the absence of jammed paper.
  • Power off the printer and keep the printer in a way that it faces you and then detach the power cord from the back side of the printer.
  • The power cord is disconnected in order to let the paper feed rollers move freely.
  • Open the rear access door and check for the presence of jammed paper. Make sure that the rollers are free from dust and dirt and they are moving freely.
  • Do not left the unused paper in the input tray. Take it out and store in a pack with which it comes. Subsequently, re- install the access door.
  • Re- establish the power cord connection to the printer and then power it on.
  • If the issue is not resolved, go on with the below tips.
  • After disconnecting the power cord and removing all paper from the printer, open the access door of the printer. With a soft clean cloth, clean the paper feed roller and then re- install the rear access door. Make sure that the rear access door is locked completely.
  • Make sure that all the four rollers and the main feed roller is in good condition. Check if no paper debris or labels are present on the rollers.
  • Establish the power cord connection again and feed enough paper in the loading tray of the printer.
  • As the paper tray is spring loaded, it might not be placed properly. Make sure that the paper tray is seated properly or the spring have come close.
  • Take another copy or print again and check whether the printer issue is resolved. printer guide