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Hewlett-Packard started their printers production in the year 1984. They produced Thickjet and Laserjet printers for desktop computers. Introducing low-cost laser printer along with Postscript was a revolutionary move. HP’s laser printers faced steep growth because of their quality, speed and it also replaced the expensive offset printing system. In 1988, HP introduced their first Deskjet series which had features similar to Laserjet and they were less expensive. 123.hp.com works on reinventing their ideas and have evolved in developing the best printers worldwide.

Who We Are?

Having trouble with your printer? Not being able to fix the issues caused on your printer? Unable to set up your printer? Don’t want to spend loads of money on hiring technicians to assist you with the printer issues? You have come to the right place. Our technicians will assist you with all printer related issues ranging from setting up guide to troubleshooting. Setting up your 123.hp.com printer is as easy as taking candy from a baby. All you have to do is follow the user manual and that comes with the box package. If there are complication, you could always reach out to us on our toll free number.Driver installation issues could be a hassle but with our specially trained technicians just a phone call away, there is hardly a thing that could stop you from restoring your printer back to perfect working condition.

HP Printer Technical Support

123.hp.com/setup Printer Models


HP Envy Printer

123 HP Envy printers potentially save your money through its Instant Ink delivery service,they use the latest ink deliver technology to prolong cartridge life. 123.hp.com/envy Models are all about style-at the expense . They have shortcut buttons built in the operation panel to quickly bring you directly to print, copy and scan functions.

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HP Officejet Printer

The fully functional 123 HP Officejet Printers are tuned for productivity with a wide range of features including duplexing, cloud printing and lazy-document feeder. They are good for low-volume printing in workgroups and small offices. They will blow you away with excellent print speed and quality 123.hp.com/Officejet Printers.

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123 HP Setup Help

HP OfficeJet Pro Printer

123.hp.com/officeJet-pro is a compact package with huge It is redesigned for small business to deliver fast duplex-printing that helps save time and money. It prints color documents at up to half the cost-per-page of laser printers. The user can easily print from their smartphone or tablet.

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HP Deskjet Printer

123.hp.com/Deskjet series is refreshing on two levels: its bright design will be a contrast in ugly offices and its small enough to fit into a home-office work space. The printer is designed in various colors, looking small and snazzy. HP also boasts about 3755, the world’s smallest AiO Printer.

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HP Laserjet Printer

Improve your business productivity and performance with 123.hp.com/laserjet Printer Setup. Obtain secure printing with deep protection guard. Accelerate your workflow with a Flow of MFP and complete high-volume jobs at the fastest speed.These printers are built for businesses.

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123 HP Laserjet Pro Printer

HP LaserJet Pro Printer

123.hp.com Laserjet Pro series delivers best-quality output on a wide array of print media for office use. The lazy two-sided printing cuts the paper waste by as much as 50%. Using touch-to-print technology print on the go from mobile devices or wireless printing.

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HP Pagewide Printer Setup

HP Pagewide Printer

123.hp.com Pagewide Enterprise Printers offers the speed, quality, capacity that a business requires at an attractive price. The provides the appropriate web width and speed, which is essential for newspaper production. With robust inkjet agility capture more offset applications. It offers strong protection for your devices embedded security.

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123 HP Printer Setup

HP PageWide Pro Printer

HP has designed the next generation of 123.hp.com Pagewide. This is to power the productivity with efficient and smart design with strong security and maximum uptime. It lowers the cost per page with HP Pagewide technology. They are designed to repair themselves from attacks and built-in security feature helps to keep the network safe.

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123 HP Scanjet Pro Setup

HP Scanjet Pro Printer

HP ScanJet Pro series delivers fast scans with reliable results. They are affordable and are designed support everything from simple color jobs to complex workflows. With HP Scan software you can quickly share or archive scans to popular cloud destinations.

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HP Sprocket Printer

HP Sprocket Printer

123.hp.com/setup HP Sprocket is a wireless photo printer that can print photos from anywhere at anytime from your smartphone. The peel-and-stick back photos turn out to be your favorite fun stickers. Print smudge-proof, tear-resistant, water-resistant.

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123.hp.com/Setup Installation on Various Operating System(OS)

How to Install 123 HP Printer in Windows?

123 HP Setup Windows
  • You can install an 123 HP Setup without any software by using drivers built into the Windows operating system. The Windows print driver only provides basic functionality for HP printers.
  • Make sure the printer is not connected to your computer with a USB cable, before the installation of the driver. If it is previously connected, then disconnect the cable. Click the Windows button, on your computer.
  • Type change device installation settings and then select Change device installation settings from the list of results. From Device Installation settings, select Yes, do this lazy and then click Save changes.
  • Connect your HP Printer Setup to the same wireless or wired network as your computer. You can set up a wireless connection using the Wireless Setup Wizard on your Printer control panel.
  • If connecting your printer to your computer with a USB cable, connect the square end of the cable to the printer and the flat end to the computer. Windows detects the printer through the new connection and installs the driver.
  • If a Found New Hardware Wizard appears, follow any instructions to complete the printer installation. Try to print a document. If your document prints, then the printer installation is complete.

How to Install 123 HP Printer in Mac?

  • First, press the power button to turn on your printer and make sure the printer is in a ready state. Make sure your printer is connected to the same wired or wireless network as your Mac computer.
  • Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Select Printers and Scanners under the hardware section. Click the plus sign in the left pane of the Printers and Scanners window.
  • A drop-down menu will be listed, click Add Printer or Scanner. Choose the name of your printer. Click the Use box, then select the name of your printer in the pop-up menu.
  • Click Add to add your printer to the list. When it is prompted to install the printer software, click Download and Install to complete the installation. After the installation process completes, verify that your printer displays in the list.
  • To use the updated software features, you must close and restart the applications that were open before adding your printer. Your printer is now ready to be used.
HP Printer Setup Mac

How to Connect 123 HP Printer to iPhone?

iPhone HP Printer Help
  • From Apple iOS, you can directly print to a Wi-Fi Direct capable HP Printer Setup without a wireless network. On your 123.hp.com/setup, touch the Wi-Fi Direct button, if available.
  • Depending on your printer, you might have to press the information button or press and hold the Resume button for two seconds to print a report that includes the Wi-Fi direct name and password.
  • If the Wi-Fi Direct options display, make sure the connection method is set to lazy to require a simple password. From your Apple iOS device, tap Settings and then tap Wi-Fi.
  • From the list of available networks, select your printer’s Wi-Fi Direct name as listed on the Wi-Fi Direct details on the printer or on a printed report. Open the document or photo you want to print.
  • If available, tap Share icon and then tap Print. Select your printer model and then tap Print. Your document or photo will be printed. Reconnect your Apple iOS device to your wireless network.

123 HP Printer Mobile Printing Support


Make sure your HP Printer is powered on, then from the printer’s control panel touch the setup icon. Select Network Setup and touch Wireless Menu. Choose Wireless Direct Settings and then turn on the Wireless Direct setup. Touch Wireless Direct Name. The name of your 123.hp.com/setup printer will be displayed on the printer’s control panel. When searching for available devices from your Apple device this is the name you will have to select. Tap the Settings icon on your Apple device. Turn on the Wi-Fi setting and select the printer name in the list of available networks.



Your Web Services can be turned on from your 123.hp.com printer’s control panel that will allow your printer to communicate with web-connecting printing services over the Internet, such as HP ePrint. Navigate to Network Setup on your printer’s control panel. If prompted to update the firmware, press Ok. Click Print Info and obtain the information sheet and then continue to the next step. The information sheet will have the printer claim code and printer email address. The print jobs are handled by HP ePrint service by sending documents and photos securely to the printer via email.



Select your device to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print. Turn on your printer and load paper in the input tray. Make sure the 123.hp.com/setup printer is connected to the same network as your computer or Chromebook. On your computer or Chromebook, open the Chrome browser, and then sign in to your Google account, if necessary. Google Cloud Print detects any printers on the network. If your printer is listed under , click Register, and then click Register again to confirm and print a confirmation page. In few printers, there are chances that you will be asked to register from its control panel.


123.hp.com/setup Troubleshooting Guidance

1. What do I do if I forget my wireless network password?

123.hp.com Wireless Printer Support.If your computer is connected to your wireless network, its password can be identified by checking the same in the control panel under wireless settings. Open the wireless settings and click on View Network connections. This will take you to the Network collections window. Right click on your network name and select Status. In here, choose the Wireless Properties button. You will find a Security tab inside which you will see that there is a check box next to security key field. Click on it and your current password becomes visible.

2. How do I identify the ink levels on my cartridge?

This can be done by checking on the ink levels in the control panel of the 123.hp.com printer. Choose Ink Levels and it will display the existing levels of ink in the cartridge.There is another way this can be done which is by referring the ink management system that is provided with the full feature driver software. This will allow you to gain an approximate life of your ink cartridge taking your current usage into consideration. Other applications such as HP Assistant and HP solutions can also be employed to do the same.

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